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 Pro BMX Riders: A Spectacle of High-Flying Stunts

Amplify your event's energy with Altus Entertainment's Pro BMX Riders. These skilled BMX bike riders bring a spectacle of daring stunts and dynamic performances, guaranteed to captivate and energize any audience.

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Family Thrill Show | Altus Entertainment
Family Thrill Show
Jaw-dropping spectacle for all ages,Adaptable for indoor and outdoor venues,Meet & greet with daredevils,Unforgettable high-risk performances,Perfect for family entertainment activities
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A person performing a high-flying trick on a skateboard at a corporate event entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Extreme Sports Action Stunts
Adrenaline-pumping event entertainment,Action sports with educational twist,High-energy stunts by professional athletes,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Phoenix
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A group of people performing tricks on bikes at a Cabaret and Stage Show event. | Altus Entertainment
BMX and Stunt Acts
Fusion of professional BMX and stunt work,Experienced performing worldwide,Halftime shows on NFL fields and NBA courts,Managed by a professional BMX performer and stunt actor,Guaranteed to wow and thrill audiences
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Daring BMX Stunt Show | Altus Entertainment
Daring BMX Stunt Show
Decade of high-flying BMX expertise,Customizable shows for any event,Fusion of BMX stunts and parkour,Featured on America's Got Talent,Engaging, adrenaline-packed performances
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A BMX Rider performing speciality bike tricks with the Bike Tricks and Stunt Team. | Altus Entertainment
Bike Tricks and Stunt Team
Professional bike stunt riders that are able to entertain guests of all ages ,Popular sports entertainment for various occasions including sporting events, festivals, and more ,Previous clients include brands such as Nike, Jeep, Panasonic or Adobe, and more ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in San Diego
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Catch the Action Live: Famous BMX Bike Riders Perform at Your Event

Experience the adrenaline rush and high-octane excitement with Altus Entertainment's Pro BMX Riders. Our roster features some of the most famous BMX riders, each ready to deliver a jaw-dropping display of aerial stunts and technical prowess at your event.

From gravity-defying jumps to intricate freestyle tricks, our BMX bike riders bring a level of excitement that's unmatched. They are not just riders but athletes and performers who push the limits of what's possible on two wheels. Witness as they spin, flip, and glide, turning the pavement into their stage.

Whether you're looking to add an electrifying show to a sports event or seeking a unique act that stands out, our famous BMX riders are the answer. They've wowed crowds worldwide, and now they're ready to bring their show-stopping skills to you.

You're looking for a performance tailored to your space, audience, and atmosphere. Our Pro BMX Riders are seasoned professionals who understand the importance of every event, ensuring they deliver a safe, dynamic, and unforgettable performance.