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Elevate your outdoor event with Altus Entertainment’s plane shows and stunts acts! Book plane shows and stunts for a spectacle of aerial mastery, perfect for creating unforgettable experiences at any outdoor themed event hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is our top priority. We ensure all shows are conducted in suitable, secure locations following strict safety guidelines and regulations.

Our shows can feature a variety of aircraft, including jets, vintage planes, gliders, and more, depending on your preference and the event’s theme.

The space required varies depending on the act. We’ll discuss and plan accordingly to ensure the chosen act is appropriate for your venue’s size and layout.

Acts List

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BMX and Stunt Acts
Fusion of professional BMX and stunt work,Experienced performing worldwide,Halftime shows on NFL fields and NBA courts,Managed by a professional BMX performer and stunt actor,Guaranteed to wow and thrill audiences
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Book Plane Shows and Stunts for Events

Are you ready to take your event entertainment to new heights? With Altus Entertainment, you can book plane shows and stunts that will leave your guests in awe.

Our acts transport audiences back to the thrilling days of barnstorming, with displays that feature jets, vintage aircraft, gliders, and other mesmerizing aircraft. Each show is a carefully choreographed dance in the sky, showcasing the skill and precision of experienced pilots and aerial performers.

But the excitement doesn't stop with aircraft. For those looking to feature something different, consider our precision parachute teams or daring wingsuit flyers. These professionals soar through the sky with grace and agility, executing stunts that are both breathtaking and meticulously planned for safety. Whether they're gliding smoothly to the ground or performing heart-stopping aerial maneuvers, these acts add an extra layer of excitement to any gathering.

Plane shows and stunts are the ideal entertainment choice for various outdoor events, including fairs, festivals, and air shows. But they're also a fantastic surprise element for events where guests primarily stay indoors. Imagine the delight and surprise on their faces when they step outside for a break, only to be greeted by a spectacular aerial display!

When you choose to book plane shows and stunts with Altus Entertainment, you're not just getting an act; you're providing your guests with an experience they won't soon forget. Our aerial performers are dedicated to creating shows that are as safe as they are exciting, ensuring that your event is memorable for all the right reasons. So, for your next outdoor themed event hire, consider the thrill and spectacle of plane shows and stunts, and let your entertainment soar!