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Woman showcasing a tarot card during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment

Hire Unique Shows and Entertainment

Altus Entertainment specializes in unique event entertainment, offering a range of exceptional options from cirque acts to LED robots. Tailored to your event's theme, our entertainment ensures a memorable and extraordinary experience for all guests.

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Two polar bears sporting backpacks as they explore, ideal for entertainment themes | Altus Entertainment
Life-like Polar Bear Act
Authentic Arctic encounter with life-like puppet,Engaging educational narrative on conservation,Expert puppetry brings wonder to any event,Interactive experience for guests of all ages,Memorable addition with environmental focus
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Female performer in elegant dress standing beside a lightning rod for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Tesla Coil High Voltage Stunts
Innovative blend of music and electricity,Over a decade in high-voltage entertainment,Tailor-made electric entertainment experience,Demonstrates collaboration and leadership
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World-Class Extreme Trampolinists performing a stunt act at an outdoor event. | Altus Entertainment
World-Class Extreme Trampolinists
Thrilling high-flying acrobatics,Engages audience with humor and stunts,Featured in NBA, NFL, NCAA events,Innovative aerial acts with props,High-energy extreme trampoline show
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Man wearing elegant tuxedo pouring fine wine into glasses for a high-end entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Glass Musicians
Unique performances using wine glasses, champagne flutes, and fish bowls,Ethereal blend of instrumental and vocal music,A novel and enchanting auditory experience,Adds a touch of elegance and wonder to any event,Perfect for creating a captivating and sophisticated atmosphere
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A group of African performers executing a vertical dance stack in traditional attire | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat Performers
A perfect act for bringing the essence of Africa to your event,Unique rope skipping routines showcasing incredible coordination,Thrilling limbo dance and fire eating displays,Cultural immersion with traditional African dance and drumming,Dynamic African acrobatic performances featuring human pyramids and tumblings
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Fire Artists performing acrobatics on top of fire. | Altus Entertainment
Fire or LED Performance Duo
They expertly combine juggling, dance, and roaming entertainment,Safe, mesmerizing LED alternatives,Fully insured, prioritizing safety for guests and venues,Tailored acts for any venue or event,Over 15 years of performance mastery
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A man in a costume with a lightning bolt in his hand performs a monstrous solo lightning show. | Altus Entertainment
Monstrous Solo Lightning Show
Solo lightning performer with the ability to add fire to their show ,An individual lightning performer creating a theatrical show while exerting 12ft bolts of heightened voltage electricity on stage ,Perfect for intimate or large crowds, gala dinners, corporate shows, and more
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Strolling Entertainment featuring a man and a woman performing Acrobatic Dance in the forest. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial and Roving Acrobatics
Thrilling handstands and dynamic balancing,Roving acrobatics that engage and surprise,Customizable acts for perfect event alignment,Spectacular duo silk and lyra performances,Freestanding aerial equipment for any venue
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Interior view of a spacious auditorium featuring a large stage with professional lighting for live entertainments | Altus Entertainment
DJ In A Giant Mirror Ball
World's largest Mirror Ball act with live DJ and musicians,Can carry notable figures for grand entrances or speeches,A dazzling tribute to the Disco era with modern-day energy,A visually striking centerpiece for any event,The Mirror Ball spins, adding dynamic movement to the performance
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Hire Unique Event Entertainment for Events and Parties

Altus Entertainment is your gateway to an unparalleled event experience, where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. When you choose to hire unique shows and entertainment from us, you're not just booking performers; you're crafting an unforgettable experience for your guests. Our diverse range of entertainment options, from awe-inspiring cirque acts to mesmerizing LED robots, ensures that your event stands out.

Our unique entertainment ideas are not just about the acts themselves; they're about creating a cohesive, immersive experience that resonates with your event's theme and your guests' expectations. Whether you're planning a grand corporate gala, an intimate private party, or a vibrant public festival, our team works closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life with precision and flair.

When you hire unique event entertainment from Altus, you're choosing a partner dedicated to making your event not just successful, but extraordinary. Our performers are more than just entertainers; they are artists who excel in turning performances into art, ensuring that each act is tailored to reflect your style and leave a lasting impression.

Private party entertainment takes on a new dimension with Altus Entertainment. We understand that your private event is a reflection of your personal taste, and we strive to provide entertainment that is as unique and distinctive as you are. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, our entertainment options are designed to elevate your party to an unforgettable experience.

In summary, Altus Entertainment is where creativity meets sophistication. Hire unique shows and entertainment from us, and let us transform your event into a masterpiece of memorable moments and extraordinary experiences.