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Dive into the vibrant world of Altus Entertainment, where every event is a masterpiece waiting to unfold. Here, the art of entertainment is redefined – from mesmerizing shows that capture the imagination, to seamless event orchestration that turns visions into vivid realities. Our canvas is as broad as your dreams, offering everything from the allure of exceptional venues to the magic of custom creations. With Altus, it’s not just about the event; it’s about crafting moments that resonate, experiences that dazzle, and memories that endure. Welcome to a place where your event’s potential is limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a show typically involves securing a full production, complete with a cohesive theme, storyline, or set of performances that make up a comprehensive entertainment experience. In contrast, booking a performer usually refers to hiring individual talent for either ambient or featured entertainment, which might not constitute a full production. At Altus, we have the flexibility to craft a full show from a selection of different performers or even create an immersive experience using multiple performers to suit your event’s unique needs.

At Altus, we understand the importance of a smoothly run event for the success of the entertainment we provide. By assisting in finding other vendors, we aim to create an optimal environment where our entertainers can truly shine, and your event can be a memorable success.

Hiring performers through Altus ensures you get access to a curated selection of top-tier talent, perfectly suited to the budget, theme, and atmosphere of your event. Our performers are vetted professionals who bring energy, skill, and artistry to elevate any occasion.

Absolutely! When you select ‘Book A Venue’ with Altus, you gain access to our extensive network of cooperative venues, suitable for a variety of event types. But our services go far beyond just venue booking. Our ‘Custom Creations’ service specializes in crafting personalized, unique event experiences that are tailored to your specific vision. With our extensive experience in producing hundreds of shows, we’re not limited to what already exists. We have the expertise to develop new productions based on your ideas, incorporating extraordinary special effects, cutting-edge illusions, and innovative concepts. Whether you’re envisioning a spectacular show or an immersive experience, our team is adept at bringing even the most ambitious ideas to life, ensuring that your event stands out as truly one-of-a-kind.

If you’re not a fan of self-service, don’t worry—Altus Entertainment prides itself on being there to do as much or as little as you need to ensure your event is perfect. If you’d like to start with a conversation with our team of experts, Just send us an Email, give us a call or fill our webform. We’ll take care of the hard parts while you enjoy the show.