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Unleash the potential of your vision with Altus Entertainment’s Custom Creations. We believe the seed of an extraordinary event lies in the unique ideas of our clients—even those that are just a glimmer of imagination. Our expertise extends beyond the visible, crafting moments where objects and people appear, disappear, or even seem to defy gravity through expertly designed special effects and illusions. Whether you’re seeking to custom-design costumes and decor to match your theme or to develop a full-scale performance rooted in your conceptual vision, our team possesses the artistry to bring the intangible into reality. With an impressive portfolio of creating bespoke experiences for giants like General Motors, Glock, and Siemens, and designing performances for stellar artists such as Jay-Z, DMX, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Michael Jackson, as well as numerous shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, we have the proven capability to transform your ideas into awe-inspiring productions.

An Efficient yet Striking Stage Design for Human Nature's Las Vegas Residency Concert

Our collaboration with Human Nature for their residency at the Linq hotel in Las Vegas was a symphony of creativity and innovation. Tasked with the challenge of enhancing their stage presence without imposing on the limited space of the theater's fly loft, we conceptualized a retro-themed set that was both visually striking and spatially economical. The design was digitally rendered and then precision-cut from aluminum using CNC machinery—achieving depth and dynamism with a sleek, minimalist footprint. This solution not only adhered to budgetary constraints but also added a layer of sophistication to the performance environment. The resulting set became one of several cost-effective yet impactful designs that we crafted, contributing to the successful Las Vegas residency of these Australian superstars.
Custom Creations | Altus Entertainment
Custom Creations | Altus Entertainment

Transforming a Nightclub into a Wonderland: The Functional Yet Fantastical Carousel Horse Centerpiece

Transforming the former nightclub at the Luxor into an adult carnival-themed wonderland was a venture that required both imagination and engineering prowess. At the heart of this whimsical fusion was a carousel horse, a centerpiece that encapsulated the essence of our concept—melding the enchantment of a carnival with the allure of Las Vegas. Designed to be as functional as it was fantastical, the horse was engineered to be lightweight for effortless transport, yet sturdy enough to support the dynamic performances of dancers. It stood not just as a prop, but as a testament to Altus Entertainment’s ability to deliver innovative solutions that are both practical and enchanting.

Designing the Sophisticated Space of CatHouse from a Difficult Venue in Las Vegas

The creation of CatHouse, a restaurant and boutique nightclub at an MGM Resorts casino in Las Vegas, showcased our ability to turn challenging spaces into extraordinary experiences. Faced with a venue characterized by unusually low ceilings, we conceived a distinctive brand and concept, drawing inspiration from a vintage European bordello. This intimate theme was brought to life through a meticulously curated collection of authentic and replica vintage furnishings and fittings, each piece selected to enhance the space's sultry and luxurious ambiance. Beyond the physical buildout, we infused the venue with a series of interactive activations, ensuring that every moment spent in CatHouse was engaging and memorable for diners and club-goers alike. The result was a captivating space that offered an immersive, all-night entertainment experience, seamlessly blending dining and nightlife.
Custom Creations | Altus Entertainment
Custom Creations | Altus Entertainment

Crafting an Authentic New Orleans Experience Through Music and Design for a Las Vegas Venue

For the launch of a New Orleans-themed venue on the Las Vegas Strip, Altus Entertainment not only curated an authentic musical experience but also contributed significantly to the venue's aesthetic. A key element of this project was the transformation of a vintage piano into a custom piece that perfectly matched the venue's theme. Our team sourced an old, discarded piano and repurposed it—removing the inner workings to accommodate an electric keyboard and create storage space for additional band equipment. This project was part of a larger endeavor where we auditioned and trained around 50 local musicians to master the unique New Orleans brass band style, and to perform hourly Second Line parades. Beyond designing the music program and managing the musicians' schedules, we meticulously crafted elements like this piano to enhance the venue's ambiance, ensuring every detail resonated with the spirit of New Orleans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The journey begins with a personal consultation to grasp the unique aspects of your vision. Our creative team then collaborates with you to develop initial ideas into full-fledged, actionable plans, ensuring that every step from concept to creation aligns with your objectives.

No problem at all. Sometimes, the whole point of a custom creation is that you don’t know what you want and that you need help pulling the ideas out of your head! We specialize in interpreting and crafting vague notions into clear, impactful realities. Our team is adept at guiding you through the creative process, ensuring that the final product resonates with your event’s goals.

Absolutely. We manage the entire lifecycle of your project in-house, from initial sketches to final production, guaranteeing a cohesive and high-quality realization of your vision.

Lead times vary by project complexity. We recommend initiating the conversation early, but we’re also equipped to handle shorter timelines, ensuring quality is upheld.

Your participation is welcome and can range from hands-on collaboration to overviewing progress. We value client involvement and consider it crucial for crafting a creation that authentically represents your vision.