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At Altus. we’re constantly innovating to make finding the perfect performer not just easy, but a thrilling experience in itself. Imagine choosing from thousands of mesmerizing performers, spread across countless categories and hailing from all corners of globe. It’s a world of entertainment at your fingertips! For a tailored experience, dive into our categories to pinpoint the exact type of entertainment you desire. Curious about what acts sizzle for specific events? Just hit “Search by Event Type” for our expert recommendations. And if a celebrity appearance is what you’re dreaming of, our “Celebrity Booking” option is your gateway to securing big names with perfect pitch, ensuring you get the star power you want at the right place. With Altus, your event isn’t just an occasion; it’s a spectacular journey into the heart of world-class entertainment!

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With decades of experience in the live entertainment industry, Altus Entertainment brings unparalleled expertise to your event. Our team, composed of seasoned musicians and variety performers, has produced and performed in high-profile shows across the globe, including iconic venues in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. We're not just booking agents; we're industry insiders who've worked with a roster of celebrated artists such as Kodi Lee, Gwen Stefani, CeeLo Green, Jewel, and many more.

Our deep-rooted connections in the entertainment world enable us to source an eclectic mix of top-tier performers for your event. Whether you're seeking musical talents, variety acts, or celebrity appearances, we have the knowledge and network to meet your needs. Trust us to make your event unforgettable, leveraging our extensive experience in both producing and performing to deliver the extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Altus Entertainment, we pride ourselves on hosting an extensive selection of top-tier performers, premier vendors, and sought-after venues, perfect for elevating any corporate or private event.

Explore by Categories: Dive into our diverse categories, each accompanied by detailed descriptions to give you a clear understanding of what each act entails.

Search by Event Type: Tailoring entertainment to your specific event is our specialty. We’ve handpicked a variety of acts that align perfectly with different event types and occasions. From corporate gatherings to intimate private parties, our selections are geared towards creating memorable experiences.

Find Local Talent: Location-based searches allow you to discover talent right in your area. Refine your search further by selecting specific categories or event types to find an act that resonates with your vision.

Personalized Assistance: If you find the abundance of choices overwhelming, our dedicated Altus entertainment specialists are here to assist. Reach out and call, email, or use our online request form, and we’ll guide you through every step – from sourcing and negotiating to securing the entertainment that will turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

Absolutely! And you will still have access to our full white glove service if you want. Now, the budget does matter with respect to the ability to afford certain acts. However, Altus has a wide variety of options to fit many budgets. Our Entertainment Booking Agent will work to help you get the best pricing and to control expenses so that your event looks, sounds, and feels first class.

Our staff is well versed in sourcing, negotiating with, and contracting performers. They have built systems to make the selection process a breeze. In some cases, we have completed the entire booking process in less than 24 hours. With our full-service entertainment agency resources, we will keep you on schedule and focused on enjoying a successful event!enjoying a success

When we say we are a full-service company, we mean it! If what you need is event planning, management, or help finding perfect vendors for décor, flowers, or audio, Altus Entertainment can give you the help and resources you need. You can look through our site and find everything you need or just reach out to us and ask all your questions! Either way, Altus will have your back.