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Welcome aboard your entertainment journey with Altus! Our website is crafted for smooth sailing through our sea of talent, ensuring you dock at the perfect performer for your event. Let’s dive into the ‘Search by Event’ page:

1. Event Types at a Glance: Browse relevant talent for your specific event.

2. Narrow Your Choices: Click on subcategories for a laser-focused talent hunt, aligning seamlessly with your event’s vibe.

3. Collect Your Favorites: Spotted a star? Add them to your basket effortlessly. It’s like bookmarking the best for your bash.

4. Share Your Vision: After you select artists, we invite you to detail your event’s essence.

5. Expert Eyes on Deck: Our entertainment booking agents will review your picks and insights, aligning your vision and our performers.

6. Expert Eyes on Deck: Our entertainment booking agents will review your picks and insights, aligning your vision and our performers.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Don’t fret! We’re here to steer you through this exciting voyage.

We are committed to ensuring your experience is seamless and enjoyable. If the self-service process does not meet your needs, please feel free to give us a call. One of our representatives will be happy to work with you one-on-one to find, negotiate, and hire the perfect performer(s) for your next event.

Elevate your business event with Altus Entertainment's Corporate Entertainment services. We offer diverse meticulously curated acts, from musicians to magicians, all tailored to your event's objectives. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless booking process, making your event a standout success.
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Altus Entertainment's gala entertainment acts provide a curated selection of the industry's finest performers, designed to turn your gala into a memorable event. With a lineup including musicians, comedians, magic acts, and interactive entertainers, we assure a diverse and captivating entertainment experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures meticulously planned and executed performances that will leave your guests enchanted. Trust in Altus Entertainment for your gala entertainment, and we'll deliver an experience of perfection.
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Altus Entertainment offers a range of services from spokesmodels to custom-made entertainment solutions to fit the needs of your event. All are tailored to align with your brand and event objectives. Our Interactive Booth Ideas and Tradeshow Booth Games ensure your booth becomes the talk of the trade show.
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Transform your wedding with mesmerizing entertainment that promises to make your day unforgettable. Hiring top-tier entertainment, from aerial artists to magicians, live bands, and unique attractions, ensures a day filled with wonder, dance, and lasting memories.
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