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Altus Entertainment stands at the forefront of curating extraordinary entertainment experiences, dedicated to matching every client with the ideal talent to elevate their events. Our team of expert Entertainment Booking Agents is the backbone of a seamless, stress-free journey towards an exceptional celebration. We pride ourselves on offering distinctive, cost-effective performances that do more than just meet expectations—they surpass them, leaving lasting impressions. Whether it’s a private gathering or a grand corporate event, we are committed to transforming your vision into a reality, with an unwavering focus on service excellence and a passion for unforgettable entertainment.


At Altus Entertainment, we are committed to delivering extraordinary entertainment experiences by connecting clients with the perfect talent for their events. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Booking Agents work tirelessly to ensure a seamless and stress- free process, providing unique, cost-effective, and unforgettable performances that exceed expectations.

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Meet Our Great Team

Jayson Pearson | Altus Entertainment
Jayson Pearson
Co-Founder & COO
Event producer with decades of technical stage expertise, orchestrating seamless productions from Las Vegas to Dubai
Seth Yudof | Altus Entertainment
Seth Yudof
Co-Founder & CEO
Veteran producer Las Vegas shows and concerts, manager of major touring artists, and TEDx speaker and thought leader
Mike Mastro | Altus Entertainment
Mike Mastro
Co-Founder & CTO
Forty years of technical acumen guiding user experience and automation, with a focus on innovative, efficient customer service solutions
Sandy Zusmann | Altus Entertainment
Marketing virtuoso with over three decades of experience across start-ups to Fortune 100 giants, known for his tenure as Global Brand Manager for Fanta at Coca-Cola
Beverly Yudof | Altus Entertainment
Beverly Yudof
Director of Marketing & Operations
Former Caesars Entertainment marketing executive and manager of celebrity-driven Las Vegas concert residencies
Eve Gray | Altus Entertainment
Eve Gray
Event Manager & Content Creator
A brand ambassador and actress with a Master’s degree in Theater Arts
Lauren Becvar | Altus Entertainment
Lauren Becvar
Entertainment Booking Agent
Los Angeles Film School alumna, summa cum laude, with a passion for the business side of entertainment