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U.S. Terms and Conditions

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Terms Of Business

1. Payment of Fees

Fees are payable as described in the payment terms of the agreement. Failure to make timely payments grants us the right to cancel the booking, treated as a client-initiated cancellation, subjecting you to the cancellation fees outlined in Clause 10, “Cancellation.” The booking fee for the artist is confidential between the client and Altus Entertainment LLC.

2. Security

The client shall ensure the safety and security of all personnel, equipment, costumes, and personal property at the event location.

3. Production Elements & Labor

The client agrees to provide, at their expense, all necessary elements for a proper presentation, including stage, venue, and labor as required by national or local unions. Site-specific requirements like staging and lighting are the client’s responsibility, detailed in the contract or rider.

4. Creative Control

Altus Entertainment LLC retains exclusive control over production, presentation, and performance, including casting and performance details.

5. Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Advertising

The client acknowledges Altus Entertainment LLC’s intellectual property rights in the engagement and agrees not to infringe upon them. Permission is required for any use or exploitation of these rights. Advertising without prior written agreement may result in indemnity for third-party claims. Copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the artist’s performance remain with the artist. Recordings of the performance require our prior consent.

6. Disturbance During Performance

The client is responsible for audience conduct. Disturbances may result in reduced performance time, with the client liable for the full artist’s fee.

7. Taxes/Union Requirements/Royalties

The client is responsible for all fees, taxes, and royalties related to the event, complying with union regulations. Royalties for ASCAP or BMI are also the client’s responsibility.

8. Insurance

The client must provide commercial general liability insurance, including coverage for the event and equipment. Altus Entertainment LLC and the artist should be named as additional insured.

9. Force Majeure

Defines events beyond the parties’ control that may excuse performance obligations. Travel and accommodation costs remain the client’s responsibility.

10. Cancellation

Cancellation terms include written notice requirements and charges based on the proximity to the event date. Charges are specified as a percentage of the total booking fee.

11. Role as an Agent

Altus Entertainment LLC acts only as an agent and is not responsible for actions of either party. Neither party will name Altus Entertainment LLC in any legal action related to event conduct.

12. Indemnification

The client agrees to indemnify all parties from claims or damages related to the event, including equipment damage and breaches of agreement.

13. No Partnership

The agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between Altus Entertainment LLC and the client.

14. Limited Liability

Altus Entertainment LLC’s liability is limited to direct damages related to this agreement, excluding indirect or consequential damages.

15. Compliance with Law

All actions under this agreement must comply with relevant laws and regulations.

16. Warranties

Altus Entertainment LLC disclaims any implied warranties, providing only the warranties expressly stated in this agreement.

17. Complete Agreement

This document, including any attached rider, constitutes the entire agreement, modifiable only in writing signed by both parties.

18. Authority to Sign

Each party warrants its authority to enter into this agreement, not conflicting with any other obligations.

19. Booking and Reservations

Responsibility for travel and accommodation arrangements and related liabilities lies with the client.

20. Notices

Notices under this agreement must be in writing, sent to the addresses specified in the Entertainment Booking Agreement.

21. Complaints

Disputes must be reported in writing within 48 hours. Altus Entertainment LLC will mediate, and unresolved issues should be pursued legally.