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At Altus Entertainment, we bring the stars to your stage. Unlike other booking websites that list celebrities they’ve never worked with and show you pricing they can’t verify, we stand apart with our direct, personal relationships with many celebrities and their teams. This unique advantage allows us to offer competitive rates that are budget-friendly.

We’ve successfully booked renowned celebrity talent for both private parties and major corporations, including Caesars Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, Hyundai, General Motors, Siemens, and more. Our expertise isn’t just about securing a big name; it’s about finding the right fit for your event and budget.

Whether you’re looking to dazzle your audience with chart-toppers like Gwen Stefani, get the party started with Salt-N-Pepa, enjoy a laugh with Jason Alexander, rock out with Sugar Ray, or groove with Arrested Development, we’ve got you covered. Our portfolio spans a wide range of budgets and genres, ensuring we can cater to your specific event needs.

With Altus Entertainment, booking celebrity entertainment isn’t just a transaction—it’s a tailored experience. Let us handle the complexities of negotiations and arrangements, so you can enjoy the spotlight with your distinguished guests.

Connect with us today and elevate your event with unmatched celebrity presence.

Targeted & Customized Event Ideas

ALTUS can work with you to develop a unique and customized event of any kind to suit your needs and target market.

Case study: Gwen Stefani booking

Facing challenges in securing a top-tier talent within their budget, Hyundai/Genesis experienced firsthand the complexity of booking celebrity performers. With Altus Entertainment’s expertise, using our direct industry connections, we swiftly negotiated a deal with Gwen Stefani, ensuring the event’s entertainment was as stellar and high profile as possible within the client’s financial parameters. The performance was an amazing feat, as a Las Vegas theater was adeptly transformed from a car showroom to a concert stage in mere hours, a logistical triumph that set the stage for Stefani’s dynamic performance. The next morning, we created an elevated concert event by surprising the audience with Aloe Blacc, accompanied by only a piano. He perfectly complemented the luxurious essence of the Genesis brand. This showcase of Altus’s ability to deliver seamless, high-star-powered events stands as a testament to the value of entrusting event entertainment to seasoned professionals.


We start with budget, and then we consider factors such as your event’s demographic, past celebrity engagements (if applicable), and the nature of your event to curate a list of artists that align with your vision and budget.

Beyond the talent fee, you should plan for additional costs including transportation, accommodations, catering, artist rider requirements, technical production, and labor. We will work with you to translate the artist’s requirements into an understandable budget, so that there are no surprises.

Celebrity booking fees can generally range from $10,000 to over $1,000,000, with variations depending on the event’s location, time of year, and the celebrity’s recognition level. It is important to be aware that there really is no such thing as a set price for a celebrity, because events in their personal or professional life may influence their willingness to accept your offer.

After finalizing your budget and choosing a celebrity, Altus Entertainment will manage the legal documentation, including an Offer Letter, and process a deposit to confirm the talent.

A signed and accepted offer constitutes a legal commitment. Altus ensures that all terms are agreed upon and a final agreement is established, protecting all parties for a successful event.