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Elvis Presley Impersonators for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers a stellar lineup of Elvis Presley Tribute artists, capturing the essence and charisma of the legendary king. From classic hits to iconic outfits, our Elvis tribute acts promise a nostalgic experience that will leave your guests in awe.

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Male performer in elegant white suit, with vibrant red bow tie, masterfully playing a guitar | Altus Entertainment
Multi-artist Tribute Singer
Embodies multiple music legends onstage,Authentic tribute to the golden age of music,Captivating show with spot-on impersonations,Custom setlists for themed events
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Black and white image of dynamic performer fervently singing into microphone at an outdoor concert, accompanied by double bass musician in the backdrop. | Altus Entertainment
Convincing Elvis Impersonator In Las Vegas
Award-winning Elvis Presley impersonator,Electrifying Las Vegas headlining act,Memorable events with the King,Ordained officiant for themed weddings,Captures the essence of Elvis perfectly
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Performer passionately singing into a microphone on a brightly lit stage, styled in red blazer and sunglasses | Altus Entertainment
Untouchable Elvis Tribute
Authentic Elvis showmanship and energy,Extensive Elvis hit repertoire,Iconic costumes recreate the King's looks,Engaging audiences across all events,Tailored performances for your theme
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Performer in red Elvis suit singing passionately into a microphone during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Elvis Tribute Artist
Internationally renowned Elvis Tribute Artist and entertainer,Captivating stage presence and versatile musical styles beyond Elvis ,Featured on major television networks and international media ,Officiated a televised wedding at Walt Disney World
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Entertainer in golden suit and sunglasses displaying dynamic energy with classic microphone, embodying iconic musician's stage charisma | Altus Entertainment
Award-Winning Elvis Tribute
Over 25 years of experience as Elvis tribute,Top Elvis tribute in the Midwest,Authentic style and stage presence,True voice of Elvis reincarnated,Electrifying performances every time
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Elvis Tribute Big Band | Altus Entertainment
Elvis Tribute Big Band
Authentic "Aloha from Hawaii" concert revival,Full 16-piece ensemble with backing singers,Timeless tribute to The King of Rock N Roll,Live big band Elvis classics
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Elvis Tribute Show Italy | Altus Entertainment
Elvis Tribute Show Italy
Italian tribute artist delivering world-class performances,Reviving the King's magic with unparalleled authenticity,Experience Elvis's captivating charisma live on stage,Embodies the King’s attitude, giving a time-traveling journey back to the rock 'n roll era
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Elvis Presley, legendary music icon, performing live on stage with his dynamic band | Altus Entertainment
Elvis Impersonator Performer
Authentic portrayal of Young Elvis,Endorsed by prominent institutions like the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Museum,Unique offerings as an ordained performer for themed weddings and events,Shared the stage with legendary artists and worked with notable music industry figures,A truly exceptional act capturing the spirit and excitement of the 1950s
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Elvis Presley and backup dancers in dynamic stage performance pose for camera | Altus Entertainment
Singing Elvis Impersonator
Genuine homage to the King of Rock 'n' Roll,Las Vegas based, experienced performer,Suitable for private parties, corporate functions, and all ages,Seasoned performer with an impressive resume and a history of successful performances,Variety of classic hits and romantic ballads
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Hire Elvis Presley Tribute Artists for Events and Parties

Altus Entertainment proudly presents a roster of the finest Elvis Presley impersonators, each dedicated to recreating the magic, charisma, and unmistakable sound of the legendary Elvis Presley. From the hip-shaking young Elvis to the iconic jumpsuit-clad superstar, our Elvis Presley Tribute artists capture the essence of the King in every performance.

Imagine the thrill of your guests as they are serenaded by classic hits, witnessing a performance that transports them back to the golden era of rock 'n' roll. Our Elvis tribute Acts don't just sing; they embody the spirit of Elvis, complete with classic outfits, signature moves, and the unmistakable charm that made Elvis a global sensation. Whether you're hosting a 1950s themed party, a corporate event, or a fundraiser, these Elvis Presley lookalike performers promise a show that's as unforgettable as the King himself.

But it's not just about the music. It's about the experience. With Altus Entertainment, you're not just hiring an act; you're investing in a nostalgic journey back in time. Our Elvis Presley Tribute artists are meticulously chosen for their vocal prowess, stage presence, and uncanny resemblance to the King, ensuring an authentic experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.