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Best Elvis Impersonator

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   Top Elvis tribute artist for over 25 years

   16 years of international touring and Las Vegas home production of "Legends In Concert"

   23 tours of Japan, 5 tours of Australia, tours to Tanzania, Korea, Malta, St. Moritz, Scotland & Canarias

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas

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Step into a time warp of rock 'n' roll nostalgia and electrifying charisma with the best Elvis impersonator for event experiences right from the heart of Las Vegas. Our top Elvis impersonator captures the King's essence with an authenticity that has reverberated across international stages, major film roles, and the hearts of countless fans. His dynamic tribute has become the gold standard, shaking audiences with performances imbued with the King's powerhouse vocals and legendary moves.

When you hire the best Elvis impersonator for event excitement, you're not just getting a performance; you're getting a meticulously crafted homage that transcends time. Adorned in iconic costumes, our impersonator embodies Elvis's youthful good looks and signature style. This seasoned performer boasts a resumé that includes starring roles in top tributes like "Legends in Concert," bringing down the house as the electrifying closing act.

Elvis Impersonators for event settings come and go. Still, ours stands out for his award-winning talent and the personal connection to Elvis, having been a friend of the star himself. His experience infuses every gyration and crooning ballad, transporting you back to when Elvis reigned supreme. The King's spirit lives on through our artist's celebrated renditions, leaving no room for doubt—this is the apex of Elvis tributes.

Famed for his perfect national television scores and international media endorsements, our Elvis is the epitome of showmanship. His global performances in Japan and Europe have echoed the King's global influence. And with a voice declared "Male Vocalist Of The Year," our Elvis is in a league of his own.

Bringing the unparalleled experience of the top Elvis impersonator to your doorstep, Altus Entertainment promises an event filled with hip-swiveling, heart-stopping action that The King himself would endorse. Prepare for less conversation and more action as the ultimate Elvis Presley extravaganza enthralls your guests.


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