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Elvis Presley, legendary music icon, performing live on stage with his dynamic band | Altus Entertainment

Elvis Impersonator Performer

booking highlights

   Authentic portrayal of Young Elvis

   Endorsed by prominent institutions like the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Museum

   Unique offerings as an ordained performer for themed weddings and events

   Shared the stage with legendary artists and worked with notable music industry figures

   A truly exceptional act capturing the spirit and excitement of the 1950s

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Get ready to be swooned by the King of Rock 'n' Roll all over again with our Elvis Impersonator Performer, a fresh take on the iconic superstar. In the same vein as the captivating Young Elvis, our performer brings the allure of Elvis to the stage, with a look and sound so authentic, it's as if the legend has returned.

Beyond merely emulating the King, our skilled impersonator is now ordained, offering a rare opportunity for an Elvis-themed wedding ceremony or vow renewal that's as memorable as it is unique. And rest assured, this is not just another guy in a jumpsuit and a wig; this act has been officially endorsed by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Museum and The Louisiana Hayride.

Our performer isn't just making waves on the impersonator scene; he's now opening for and working with musical giants like Chubby Checker and The Nelsons—Rick Nelson's sons and the hit duo known for "Love & Affection." This level of industry recognition sets him apart as a premium Elvis impersonating act for hire.

With experience also working alongside Greg McDonald, Colonel Parker's (Elvis' Manager) right-hand man for 28 years and Ricky Nelson's manager, our Elvis Impersonator Performer brings a touch of rock 'n' roll royalty to every performance.

Ideal for those seeking 1950s themed stage performers, our Elvis artist captures the essence of the era, complete with the charisma and energy that made Elvis a phenomenon. Book now and let our performer transport you back to the time when rock 'n' roll was young, and Elvis was King.

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