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Acoustic bands and cover artists are one click away!

Discover the perfect soundtrack for your event with our Cover Bands for Hire, offering the best acoustic covers and performances by top guitar artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To secure a band booking, please provide your complete contact information as well as the date and time of the event. Upon receiving these details, we will contact you and discuss terms and conditions. Once terms and conditions are discussed, a contract will be sent out.

Every band has various options but you can expect most bands to offer either two 45-minute sets, two one-hour sets, or three 40-minute sets.

Most bands will learn special songs for the client, however an extra fee may be charged. Please note that this is not universal, so you are advised to run your song request past one of our team member prior to booking.

Acts List

A group of Rock Music Artists standing in front of a black background. | Altus Entertainment
Alternative Rock Fusion Band
Experience the electrifying sound of the ultimate fusion rock band,Vocalist delivers a riveting and commanding performance that captivates from the first note,A powerful, in-your-face rock sound that gets everyone on their feet,Their tracks have gained recognition on popular Spotify playlists,A dedicated act renowned within the Oregon rock music scene
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A group of Orchestral Artists in tuxedos standing next to a saxophone. | Altus Entertainment
Big Band Quintet
This band has enjoyed a long and rich history in performing big band music,Professional musicians dedicated to the faithful performance of music in the tradition of the big band greats,Proud history of satisfying diverse customer base,Will tailor the music for each specific engagement,Also performs as a full orchestra, nine-piece, quartet, and trio
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Live band performance on stage at a bustling nightclub | Altus Entertainment
80s Tribute Band
Professional and easygoing band ensuring a smooth event experience,Scalable performance to accommodate any size venue,Fully self-contained with lighting and sound equipment for high-quality shows,Fast and efficient setup and breakdown,Authentic 80s music experience with live performances
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Two male performers casually seated on a sofa against a stark white backdrop | Altus Entertainment
Renowned Country Band
Renowned Country Band for authentic country charm,Versatile Country singers for events ,Versatile configurations from trio to six-piece band ,Energetic performances of country hits,Dynamic stage presence with captivating storytelling
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Group of musicians energetically performing live under a tent at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Swinging Jazz Blues Band
Diverse setlist covering jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll, country, and Hawaiian tunes,Authentic renditions of 1920s and 1930s jazz classics on banjo or guitar,Serenading ukulele performances transporting listeners to a Hawaiian paradise,Danceable and engaging music perfect for both lively and laid-back events,Original compositions adding a unique flair to an already extensive repertoire
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An all-female group of artists in dresses posing for a picture. | Altus Entertainment
Acoustic String Quartet Ensemble
Performed with Grammy Award-winning artists,Cater to weddings, product launches, and corporate events,Extensive classical and contemporary repertoire,Professional sound enhancement available,Memorable and captivating live string performances
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Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band
Passionate blend of Americana and rock,Captivating solo, duo, or full-band performances,Covers and originals with explosive energy,Unforgettable stage presence and charism
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Group of professional male performers in sleek suits at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Jazz and Blues Trio
Lively Jazz and Blues Trio with rock n' roll spirit,Performances infused with groovy blues music,Vintage-inspired suits for a nostalgic vibe,Versatility to accommodate any venue and audience,Perfect blend of classic and contemporary tunes
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Male performer passionately singing and playing acoustic guitar on stage | Altus Entertainment
Professional Singer and Guitarist
Over 20 years of experience captivating crowds with live music,Able to engage with audiences for an interactive experience,Smart song selection that ensures a lively and involved crowd,100% portable music system, allowing for performance in any location,Expertise in delivering heartfelt acoustic covers and shows
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Acoustic Cover Artists for Hire for Festivals and Events!

Bring the soundtrack of your life to your event. Hire an acoustic cover band that will raise your event to the next level! At Altus Entertainment, we offer an amazing selection of Acoustic performers and Acoustic bands Hire. They offer their own style to loved classics and contemporary songs.

Our acoustic cover artists and bands are not only performers but experienced musicians who understand their role in making your event memorable. There are many genres and eras to choose from. These performances are more than just music; they are an experience and mood setter. Acoustic artists bring a raw charm to your event, allowing the melodies to shine through to your audience.

Pricing for these options can vary greatly depending on the number of performers, experience, number of sets, and other variables. One thing to keep in mind is that because of their acoustic nature without additional sound support systems, there is a limits to how big a crowed can be entertained with this type of act. For more details and help in the booking process, please reach out to our Sales team.

Expert Advice on hiring Acoustic Cover Artists

Hiring an acoustic artist is more than just securing a musician; it's about creating an atmosphere. Start by checking their repertoire; will it suit your event's vibe? You are welcome to ask for a sample setlist and maybe even to request a few additions. If you are not providing a sound system for your event, then you'll need to ensure that we or your chosen artist can provide their own. While most acoustic artists are self-sufficient, double-check if they require any additional staging or lighting. Considering the venue's acoustics is crucial for the artist's sound to truly shine. Ready for an intimate, yet vibrant, sonic experience? Make sure your logistical details are as finely tuned as the artist's guitar.

Acoustic Cover Artists Advice | Altus Entertainment