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Cover Song Singers and Duos

Cover Song Singers hired with Altus!

Discover the captivating world of cover songs performed by talented duos and solo singers. Experience familiar tunes in a fresh light as these artists bring their unique flair to classic hits. Whether it's a duo harmonizing perfectly or a solo singer giving a personal touch, these cover performances are a treat for the ears.

FAQ: Cover Song Singers and Duos

Many of our performers come equipped with their own microphones and sound systems. Contact us today to get more information on individual performer's accommodation needs.

Of course! We can arrange for multiple performers or a combination of soloists and duos to cater to your event's requirements.

Absolutely! Our singers and duos have a vast repertoire, and they are more than happy to accommodate specific song or genre requests.

Yes, many of our performers can coordinate their attire to match the theme of your event.


Acts List

Altus Entertainment provides a vast selection of cover Song Singers and cover duos to enhance the ambiance of any special event. Our team of experienced and talented international soloists and duos offer exceptional professionalism and expertise, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

Our solo singers and singing duos showcase various styles, genres, and options to suit every event. From classic to contemporary covers, our world-class vocalists perform a broad range of music to cater to all age groups. They have a vast repertoire of songs, including popular hits from various artists and genres.

With a variety of talented performers such as jazz singers, soul singers, pop duos, classical vocalists, indie rock singers, and vintage cover singers, Altus Entertainment is your go-to for all your entertainment needs. Our solo singers and duos are available to perform at weddings, corporate functions, drinks receptions, private parties, festivals, public events, cruise ships, hotels, and more.

Make your event unforgettable by choosing Altus Entertainment. Allow our exceptional solo singers or singing duos to take your guests on an unforgettable musical journey. Contact us today to book a performer that suits your event's style and theme!