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Mixologist for Hire

Bring a touch of spectacle to your event with Altus Entertainment’s mixologists and flair bartenders, who offer more than just drinks but an engaging performance. Perfect for parties and events of all kinds, our skilled professionals captivate guests with their cocktail-making tricks and flair, turning the bar into a memorable entertainment highlight.

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Bartender skillfully preparing cocktail near blazing fire in an entertainment venue | Altus Entertainment
Flair Bartender
Renowned World's Best Bartender with four titles to his name,Experience serving high-profile celebrities and directing elite bar programs,A unique blend of cocktail artistry and mesmerizing bartending performances,Expertise in luxury resort bar training, leading industry standards,A social media influencer with a significant following, showcasing industry-leading trends
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An aerialist dangles from a Champagne aerial rig while captivating a crowd. | Altus Entertainment
Bartending Aerialists
Elevated drink service with aerial elegance,Acrobatic bartending for a captivating experience,Perfect enhancement for upscale affairs,Thematically versatile for any event,Interactive performance meets exquisite service
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White robot showcasing outstretched arms in performance display | Altus Entertainment
Robot Bartender and Barista
The first humanoid AI robot bartender and barista commercially deployed in the US,Provides a unique and futuristic attraction for guests and patrons,Delivers a high level of efficiency and consistency in drink preparation,Ideal for drawing attention and creating a memorable experience at events,Offers the novelty of cutting-edge technology with practical utility
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A woman is holding a bottle of rum in front of a Christmas-themed screen. | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Customized Mixology Workshop
Learn how to measure, juice, shake and stir cocktails like a pro,Choose from an array of cocktails and themes for your virtual event,Host can customize the workshop to fit company brands and themes,Guests can be provided with a cocktail box including all the ingredients guests need to create the incredible cocktails,Brings the high-end cocktail bar experience to your home with a 4K camera and stunning bar set up
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A man is providing themed entertainment by operating a smoked cocktail station | Altus Entertainment
Smoked Cocktail Station
Alchemic smoking cocktail performance,Interactive guest drink customization,Sophisticated flavor-enhancing techniques,Premium selection of wood chip profiles
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Ice cream maker in use at a fun-filled party event | Altus Entertainment
Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine
Interactive liquid nitrogen dessert performance,High-quality ingredients guarantee delicious flavors,Attraction, performance, and dessert in one,Creates a memorable dessert experience,Instantly made ice creams and sorbets
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Performer posing in front of a bar overlooking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge | Altus Entertainment
Creative Bartending Service
Certified and highly experienced bartenders,Creative and interactive approach to bartending,Accommodates a wide range of events,Responsible and thoughtful service,Adds flair and excitement to any event
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Two male performers poised in front of an entertainment bar venue | Altus Entertainment
Traveling Bartending Service
Upscale mixology at your chosen venue,Tailored drink menus for any theme,Full-service bartending and rentals,Expert bartenders enhance every event,Convenient, mobile bar experience
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Woman holding watermelon juice bottle while using laptop | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Kombucha Workshop
Fosters team building and bonding while learning a new skill,Each participant receives a DIY kombucha kit before the event,Probiotic, gut-friendly properties linked to improved health for the body and mind,Learn health benefits from a certified nutritionist with your team of any size,Handouts are customized to include key takeaways, recipes or instructions.
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Hire Mixologist for Party Events

Transform your event's beverage service into a centerpiece of entertainment with Altus Entertainment’s talented mixologists and flair bartenders. When you choose a mixologist for hire, you're not just ensuring that your guests enjoy perfectly crafted drinks; you're also providing them with a captivating performance. Our mixologists and flair bartenders are masters of their craft, skillfully combining the art of drink-making with show-stopping flair and tricks.

Our flair bartender hire options bring more than just drinks to your event; it brings a level of excitement and engagement that elevates the entire atmosphere. Imagine your guests' delight as they watch bartenders juggle bottles, perform tricks, and create delicious cocktails, all in line with your event's theme. This isn't just a service; it's an experience that turns the simple act of ordering a drink into a highlight of the evening.

But the entertainment doesn't stop at cocktails. We also offer ice cream and dessert bars staffed with a unique kind of mixologist – experts in crafting sweet treats while dazzling your guests with their flair and creativity. This option is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your event, appealing to both adults and children alike.

When you need a mixologist for hire, our professionals are the perfect addition to any event. They cater to guests of all ages, ensuring that everyone, from the youngest attendee to the young at heart, is entertained and delighted.

In summary, Altus Entertainment's mixologists and flair bartenders offer more than just drinks; they bring a unique blend of culinary art and entertainment. By choosing to hire a flair bartender for your party, you're opting for an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests talking long after the event is over. Contact us to bring this dynamic and engaging entertainment to your next event, where every drink is served with a memorable flair.


Mixologists and Flair Bartending Inspiration | Altus Entertainment

When it comes to planning a corporate event, the entertainment you choose can make all the difference. One unique and exciting option to consider is to hire a flair bartender. But what exactly is flair bartending, and why should you consider it for your next event? Let's dive in!