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Hip Hop Artists for Hire

Altus Entertainment's hip hop artists and rappers bring an electrifying energy to your event, offering authentic and powerful performances. Our artists are ensured to bring you a memorable experience with their impactful lyrics and dynamic beats.

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Woman rocking a stylish leather jacket and wearing luminescent headphones | Altus Entertainment
Las Vegas Female DJ
Residencies at some of the most legendary nightclubs in Las Vegas,Open-format DJ who blends hip-hop, pop, EDM, and house music in a way that gets any crowd moving,Versed in turntablism and vinyl record art forms,Proven track record of delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences,Appearances on VH1's Master of the Mix and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in pop and hip hop
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Group of performers singing harmoniously into a microphone at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Outstanding Event Band
A versatile lineup ranging up to a 14-piece ensemble for full-scale events,A diverse setlist covering hits from Motown to swing and beyond,Tailored performances to fit the unique atmosphere of any event,High-caliber musicians and vocalists with the ability to entertain diverse crowds,Passport-ready for international events
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Eclectic Cover Band | Altus Entertainment
Eclectic Cover Band
Variety of songs to choose from that will ensure everyone enjoys your special event,Tailor-made performances to meet specific event needs,Top-of-the-line PA and lighting systems for any size venue,Professional musicians with years of experience,Diverse styles of music including classic rock, oldies, top-40, country, and hip-hop
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A chill-out music artist sitting on the ground wearing a hat and sneakers. | Altus Entertainment
Bruno Mars Lookalike
Enjoy a top-tier Bruno Mars tribute by the leading industry impersonator,His fusion of fashion, dance, and vocals delivers a dynamic tribute,His passion for authentically portraying Bruno Mars illuminates each show,Started young, perfecting his craft and evolves with new Bruno trends,Unmatched Bruno Mars visual and vocal authenticity,Lookalike tribute act with a decade of expertise
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Woman in vibrant yellow pants striking a pose on matching yellow carpet at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Female Hip-Hop Artist
Riveting performances by a top female hip-hop artist,Versatile artist with singing, songwriting, and acting skills,Host of a popular iHeartRadio podcast,Known for chart-topping singles and energetic shows ,International touring experience with renowned artists
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A man in a black shirt sitting on a chair | Altus Entertainment
Sound and Lighting Party DJ
Over 20 years of entertainment expertise,Expansive services beyond DJing,Comprehensive sound and lighting solutions,Constant innovation for fresh experiences,Tailored shows for interactive fun
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A man playing a DJ at a Christmas party while providing Latin and salsa music entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
All-Genre DJ
15 years spinning diverse music genres,Tailored playlists for any event theme,Expert crowd-reading for non-stop dancing,Seamless mixing across all music eras,Perfect vibe creator for weddings and parties
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DJ performing live in front of a vibrant neon sign at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Internationally Renowned DJ
Battle-tested DJ with global acclaim,Tailored beats for any event atmosphere,Regularly performs with music icons,Engaging sets for high-profile brands,Versatile music selection across genres
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Latin Caribbean Band | Altus Entertainment
Latin Caribbean Band
Energetic live Caribbean and Latin music ,Diverse genres for all types of events,Ideal for corporate events, weddings, galas, private parties and more,Transport guests to a tropical musical fiesta
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Hire a Rapper for Events and Parties

Elevate your event with the electrifying energy of hip hop and rap, brought to you by Altus Entertainment's dynamic roster of hip hop artists and rappers. Our performers don't just take the stage; they own it, delivering beats and rhymes that resonate with the rhythm of the soul.

Imagine the atmosphere as our hip hop artist lights up the room with their powerful lyrics and infectious beats. Their performances are a blend of raw emotion, storytelling, and undeniable talent, creating an experience that goes beyond music—it's a cultural phenomenon.

Hip hop and rap are more than genres; they are expressions of life, experiences, and emotions. Our artists bring this to life, connecting with audiences through their words and rhythms. Whether it's a corporate event, a private party, or a large-scale concert, our hip hop artists and rappers tailor their performances to fit your event's vibe, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

But it's not just about the performance; it's about the impact. When you hire a rapper or hip hop artist from Altus Entertainment, it means you're bringing a piece of contemporary culture to your event. It's about making a statement and celebrating a genre that has shaped the music industry.

Our team at Altus Entertainment is dedicated to providing you with the best in hip hop and rap talent. We work closely with you to understand your event's needs and select the perfect artist to match your vision and audience.