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DJ with Live Band

booking highlights

   Unique blend of a DJ with Live Band

   High-energy performances by renowned Las Vegas artist

   Versatile act adaptable to event's size and theme

   Combines dynamic sounds of live music with DJ tracks

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Elevate your event with a fusion of rhythmic beats and live music brought to you by our DJ with Live Band. This unique act combines the dynamic energy of a live band with the endless musical variety of a DJ, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will keep your guests dancing all night long.

Our DJ, a seasoned artist known for his exceptional skills on the drums and turntables, holds a prominent residency at a prestigious supper club in Las Vegas, entertaining a discerning audience every evening. He harmoniously blends the live band's melodic tunes with his pulsating DJ tracks, taking your event to the next level.

Our DJ with Live Band is perfect for corporate events, private parties, or any occasion, aiming to deliver an unforgettable musical experience. Choose from a solo DJ set or ramp up the celebration vibe with a duo, trio, or our full 7-piece live band. The flexible nature of this act allows it to accommodate various event sizes, themes, and atmospheres, ensuring your guests will be thoroughly entertained.

For a musical journey that combines the diversity of a DJ set with the raw power of a live band, choose our DJ with Live Band. This unique fusion will keep your guests thrilled and make your event memorable.