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Vocal Loopers for Hire

Hire beatboxers and rappers from Altus Entertainment for a mesmerizing auditory adventure. Our vocal looper artists are masters in creating drum sounds, rhythms, and melodies with just their voice while weaving engaging stories through rap, providing an unforgettable musical experience for your event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our artists are versatile and can accommodate specific song requests or even create bespoke performances tailored to your theme.

Typically, a microphone and sound system are all that's needed. However, for larger events or specific requirements, additional equipment might be necessary. We'll let you know depending on which act you book what equipment you'll need.

Our artists are extremely flexible and many are masters of interactive engagement! Many are willing to encourage participation, teach basic beats, or even host mini beatbox battles!

Acts List

A Beatboxing Cellist in a hat playing a cello. | Altus Entertainment
Beatboxing Cellist
Creates live, multi-layered soundscapes,Customizable setlist for every event,World’s first musical bike-touring cellist, Available to perform at events worldwide and based in California
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A specialty vocal loop artist with wires in his mouth. | Altus Entertainment
One-of-a-Kind Vocal Loop Artist
Energizes crowds and brings people together through his interactive performances,Performances tailored specifically to your event or promotional campaign,Creates drums, basses, guitars, strings, and more through his voice alone ,Encourages large amounts of audience participation, creating songs on the fly,Incorporates ad slogans or other messages into his performances with ease
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Smiling musician with acoustic guitar leaning on tree in a green lush setting, radiating joy and passion for music | Altus Entertainment
Solo Guitarist and Looper
One-man band with a looping spectacle,Star-quality performances from "The Voice",Versatile setlist for diverse audience appeal,Customizable live music for any event theme,Las Vegas' beloved guitar virtuoso
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Musician holding an acoustic guitar while engaged in a phone conversation | Altus Entertainment
Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist
Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist for versatile performances,Engaging Spanish music for events,Delivers a full-band sound as a solo performer,Tailored performances to cater to event's mood,Over a decade of performance experience
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A man singing into a microphone while playing an acoustic guitar | Altus Entertainment
Loop Guitarist
Unique blend of '70s and modern influences,Versatile loop guitarist and vocalist,Experienced performer with international exposure,Engaging performances suitable for diverse events
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American Idol Looper & Singer | Altus Entertainment
American Idol Looper & Singer
Season 6 American Idol standout,Master of beatboxing and looping,Two-time #1 Billboard Dance singles artist,Collaborator with YouTube sensation Postmodern Juxebox
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Performer shrouded in enigmatic fog with vibrant pink and blue light creating a striking visual impact | Altus Entertainment
Customizable Music and Video Experience
Unforgettable Customizable Music and Video Experience,Transports audience through a cosmic journey,Combines vivid 4K visuals and live ambient music,Perfect for various events and venues
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An Acoustic Cover Artist giving a Labor Day performance on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Unique One Man Band
Full band sound from a single performer,Live-looping for a unique show,Over 300 songs in the repertoire,Excellent crowd interaction and engagement,Seamless adaptation to audience preferences
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Beatbox Performances for Events and Parties

Experience the raw energy and creativity of beatboxers and rappers when you hire from Altus Entertainment. Our artists don't just perform; they take audiences on an auditory adventure that captivates and enthralls.

Our vocal looper acts master the art of creating drum sounds, rhythms, and melodies using just their voice. They take this skill to new heights by incorporating a vocal loop machine and a variety of sound effects, creating a full musical ensemble with just their voice. This results in a high-energy performance that's both mesmerizing and entertaining.

But the performance doesn't stop at beatboxing. Our rappers add depth to the experience, weaving stories through their lyrics in a way that engages and resonates with audiences. This versatility, coupled with their passion for their craft, makes them suitable for a variety of events, from corporate functions and product launches to private parties and special occasions.

When you hire our beatbox performance acts and rappers, you're getting more than just entertainment; you're giving your guests an authentic and unforgettable musical experience. So if you're looking to bring innovation and excitement to your event, our beatboxers and rappers are the perfect choice. With their unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles, they guarantee a show that's both fresh and familiar.