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Performer shrouded in enigmatic fog with vibrant pink and blue light creating a striking visual impact | Altus Entertainment

Customizable Music and Video Experience

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   Perfect for various events and venues

   Combines vivid 4K visuals and live ambient music

   Transports audience through a cosmic journey

   Unforgettable Customizable Music and Video Experience

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Embark on an unforgettable journey with our "Customizable Music and Video Experience". This is not your ordinary concert experience. We're offering an immersive, ambient soundscape performance that takes audiences on an audio-visual quest through the cosmos. From the expansive asteroid belt to the rings of Saturn and the barren Neptunian wastelands, witness the universe come alive in vivid 4K footage. But the magic doesn't stop there. As your eyes feast on the cosmic visuals, your ears will be treated to a live, improvised score penned in real time. Whether it's a concert on the moon, a serenade at the doorstep of a black hole, or a melody set to a meteor shower, our Customizable Music and Video Experience will take your guests to the edge of time and space. Perfect for planetariums, wellness centers, corporate events, science centers, and more, elevate your event with a performance that isn't just entertaining and a remarkable experience that transcends the ordinary.