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A specialty vocal loop artist with wires in his mouth. | Altus Entertainment

One-of-a-Kind Vocal Loop Artist

booking highlights

    Energizes crowds and brings people together through his interactive performances

   Performances tailored specifically to your event or promotional campaign

   Creates drums, basses, guitars, strings, and more through his voice alone

   Encourages large amounts of audience participation, creating songs on the fly

   Incorporates ad slogans or other messages into his performances with ease

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Infuse your next event with an electrifying auditory experience that will captivate and energize your guests when you hire looping artist & entertainer. Step into the spotlight with a vocal looping show for corporate events that redefines live performance. Our artist blends the art of vocal mastery with cutting-edge technology, looping layers upon layers of his voice to create an entire orchestra of sounds—from pulsating beats to melodic guitar riffs—all live on stage.

Globally recognized for his genre-spanning performances, this maestro of the microphone has graced the stages of international television and world-class resorts, showcasing a level of talent that's nothing short of phenomenal. His shows are not just performances but interactive celebrations of creativity, where the impossible becomes possible with every loop and every note.

If you're looking to rent talented artist with impressive vocals, look no further. Our vocal loop artist brings more than music to your event; he brings an interactive experience where the audience doesn't just watch but participates. Imagine creating a company jingle live with the CEO or having groups from the audience come up to craft a song on the spot—our artist makes it happen with flair and finesse.

From opening to closing your event, our vocal loop artist ensures that every moment is filled with high-octane entertainment. The energy starts when he takes the stage and doesn't stop until the final loop is played. Ready to revolutionize your event with a show unlike any other? Book our one-of-a-kind vocal loop artist now and make your corporate event the highlight of the year.