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Solo guitar and voice

booking highlights

   Full band sound from a solo artist

   Decades-spanning musical repertoire

   Customized playlists for every event

   Advanced looping and harmonizing techniques

   Captivating performances for any occasion

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When creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion, the magic touch of solo singing guitarists for hire can elevate your event to new heights. Our featured artist combines virtuoso guitar skill with a velvet voice, offering a repertoire that spans decades and genres, tailored to enliven any gathering, from intimate parties to grand celebrations.

Looking to hire a singer guitarist who can charm your guests and fill the room with melodious sounds? Our talented guitarist for parties can pick just the right songs to set the mood and transform the venue with the resonant sound of a full band, all on his own. Employing loops and a vocal harmonizer, he creates a rich, layered musical experience that defies the number of performers on stage.

His passion for music shines through at every performance, whether it’s the subtle strumming for a romantic wedding, upbeat tunes for a birthday bash, or engaging tunes that resonate at corporate events. His proficiency in creating just the right vibe for your special occasion means when you hire him, you’re not only getting a musician but also an atmosphere architect.

From the first note to the last, our artist captivates and mesmerizes, leaving your guests with a lasting impression of your event. Solo singing guitarists for hire aren’t just performers; they’re the soul of your event’s entertainment. Allow this talented guitarist for parties to take your special occasion to the next level with his unique energy and exceptional talent. 

  • He has played for CoBank, Team Enterprises, Cornell University, Northland Associates, and more.

He was AMAZING! He was so fun and engaging and made the party such a success!

Mary H

He played acoustic guitar and sang for our event. He was the perfect addition to the party. Everyone enjoyed listening to his music and singing along. He had an extensive list of songs to choose from and he did his best to fit in all the requests. We would not hesitate to invite him back to another event.

Shannon B

He made our event such a great success! He was on time, courteous, and most important…very talented! He was able to keep the crowd entertained and the type of music, volume, and selection was just perfect! We couldn’t have been any happier and will certainly keep him on our radar for our next event!! Thank you!

Mark F

We have hired him for 3 years in a row to play at our company holiday party and people always approach me to tell me how much they enjoy his music during the parties. His presence takes what would be an otherwise average holiday get-together and makes it a more festive, lively atmosphere. We also like the variety of songs that he plays; there’s something for everyone. Plus, he’s a very nice person to deal with, very friendly and personable.

Maria S.

He gave a great performance!! It was an exact fit! He has an exceptional gift. My wife (whose birthday the party was for) was very pleased and very surprised, and I got many pleasing comments from the rest of the guests as well. It was nice that he brought an extra mic for people who wanted to get up and sing, and he let my brother-in-law play a few songs on his guitar!

Chuck S