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Jive Bands for Hire

Altus Entertainment's jazz, swing, blues & jive bands offer a versatile and captivating musical experience for any event. From 1920s-themed parties to weddings, our talented musicians provide feel-good rhythms and sophisticated background music, expertly blending traditional styles with contemporary fusions. Ideal for a wide range of occasions, our bands deliver unforgettable entertainment, ensuring each event is enhanced with the perfect mix of lively jive, smooth jazz, and soulful blues.

FAQ: Jazz, Swing, Blues, and Jive Artists

These bands often include instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones, pianos, drums, and double basses.

Yes, clients can often request specific songs or customize the playlist to match their event's theme and preferences.

Yes, these bands can perform at both indoor and outdoor events, providing flexibility for various venues.


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Hire Jazz, Swing, & Blues Acts for Events and Parties

Step into the rhythmically rich world of jazz, swing, blues & jive bands with Altus Entertainment, where musical excellence meets event entertainment. Our assortment of bands and musicians are not just performers; they are the heart and soul of feel-good rhythms and sophisticated tunes, perfect for adding a touch of class and energy to any event. Whether you’re planning a 1920s Great Gatsby-themed bash, a prohibition-era event, a military commemoration, or a wedding, our bands are equipped to provide an entertainment experience that is nothing short of unforgettable.

Our jazz, swing, blues & jive bands embody the spirit of these timeless genres. From the foot-tapping jive rhythms to the smooth and sultry sounds of jazz and blues, our musicians are masters at creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. Hiring jazz, swing, and blues bands from Altus Entertainment means choosing versatility and quality. Our artists can deliver background music that adds a layer of sophistication to your event or step into the spotlight with performances that energize and captivate your audience.

We understand that every event is unique, which is why our bands offer contemporary music fusions and imaginative arrangements. This creative approach allows for mixed-set performances that cater to every moment of your event, ensuring that the music aligns perfectly with the mood and theme. Whether it’s a lively swing number to get your guests on the dance floor or a bluesy tune to create a relaxed ambiance, our musicians are adept at tailoring their repertoire to suit your needs.

Explore the option of jive bands for hire for a lively and upbeat addition to your event. Jive music, known for its bouncy and infectious energy, is sure to get guests of all ages moving and grooving. It’s an excellent choice for events where fun and interaction are key.

In hiring jazz, swing, & blues acts from Altus Entertainment, you are securing some of the best jazz and swing bands in the industry. Our musicians are not just skilled in their craft; they are passionate about their music and dedicated to delivering performances that leave a lasting impression.

Altus Entertainment takes pride in providing top-tier entertainment solutions. Our jive musicians and jazz, swing, & blues bands are handpicked for their talent, professionalism, and ability to engage with audiences. Whether you’re hosting a small private gathering or a large-scale corporate event, our musicians will bring the same level of energy and excellence.

In conclusion, entrust Altus Entertainment with the music for your special occasion, and let our jazz, swing, blues & jive bands transform your event into a memorable musical journey. Contact us today to hire the perfect band for your event and experience the enchanting world of jazz, swing, blues, and jive music.