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Multilingual Artist

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   Versatile performer with a captivating repertoire spanning Jazz, Blues, Standards, Rock & Roll, and contemporary hits

   Multilingual artist who effortlessly sings in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Armenian, Russian, and Arabic

   Mesmerizing audiences with his remarkable voice and heartfelt interpretations of romantic classics

   Historic performance at the iconic Bell Centre in Montreal as the first and only singer of Middle Eastern origin, showcasing his undeniable talent and positive energy

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Embark on a melodious expedition with our world-renowned singer, whose vocal prowess transcends borders and languages. This artist not only sings; he weaves a tapestry of sound and emotion, capturing the hearts of listeners from Canada to the Middle East, from the intimate jazz clubs of Europe to the grandeur of Montreal's Bell Centre.

His multilingual abilities enable him to create a universal connection with audiences, as he serenades crowds in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Armenian, Russian, and Arabic. This versatile events and shows performer has an extensive repertoire that spans the sultry notes of Jazz and Blues to the timeless allure of Standards, the high-energy beats of Rock & Roll, and today’s chart-topping hits.

Suppose you are looking to book multilingual interpreter who leaves the audience spellbound. In that case, you can witness the passion and artistry that led him to make history as the first singer of Middle Eastern origin to grace the stage at the prestigious Bell Centre. His albums, such as "HIBA," pay homage to Canadian legends, while "Live at Rialto" captures the raw energy of his concerts, and "UNPLUGGED" honors the late Rob Heaney's contribution to the recording industry.

Hiring a multilingual event artist who enchants guests through song means guaranteeing an event filled with elegance, energy, and an emotional depth that resonates long after the last note fades. Allow your guests to be enchanted by a performer who doesn't just deliver a show but an unforgettable global musical experience that will cherished for a long time.