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Arabic Themed Entertainment for Hire

Experience the enchanting world of the Middle East with Altus Entertainment's authentic Middle Eastern entertainment. From mesmerizing music and dance to intricate Henna art, we offer an immersive and unforgettable experience. Dive into rich traditions and captivating performances at your next event.


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Hire Arabic Artists and Dancers for Events and Parties

Immerse your guests in the enchanting world of the Middle East with authentic entertainment that captures the region's rich cultural tapestry. Altus Entertainment brings you the best of Middle Eastern entertainment, curated to suit your event's theme and requirements.

Picture the rhythmic beats of the oud, the mesmerizing melodies of the sitar, and the soulful tunes of traditional woodwind flutes setting the ambiance at your event. Skilled belly dancers take the stage, their graceful movements telling stories of ancient traditions and timeless beauty. Their performance, often referred to as Middle Eastern dance, is a captivating blend of art and expression, with roots that trace back to ancient civilizations.

But the experience doesn't end with music and dance. Treat your guests to the intricate art of Henna or Mehndi, where talented artists create stunning designs that symbolize joy, beauty, and spiritual awakening. These temporary tattoos, often adorned by brides and attendees at special occasions, are a testament to the region's artistic heritage.

Middle Eastern entertainment is not just about entertainment; it's about immersion. It's about transporting attendees to a world where tradition meets modernity, where every beat, dance move, and artistic stroke tells a story. Altus Entertainment is your gateway to this captivating world, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

So, whether you're looking to add a touch of the exotic to your event, celebrate cultural diversity, or simply offer your guests something different, Middle Eastern entertainment is the answer. Dive into a world of rich traditions, mesmerizing performances, and authentic experiences with Altus Entertainment.

Altus Entertainment offers a wide range of options for your event, from Arabic themed entertainment for hire to Arabian dances, Arabic belly dance, and hiring Arabic musicians and artists. Let us bring the magic of the Middle East to your event.