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 Spanish Flamenco: Passionate Rhythms and Fiery Dances

Experience the vibrant heart of Spain with Altus Entertainment's Spanish Flamenco. Our Flamenco dance shows, complete with live musicians and skilled dancers, promise to bring the dynamic spirit of Flamenco to your celebration.

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A multilingual artist in a tuxedo singing into a microphone. | Altus Entertainment
Multilingual Artist
Versatile performer with a captivating repertoire spanning Jazz, Blues, Standards, Rock & Roll, and contemporary hits,Multilingual artist who effortlessly sings in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Armenian, Russian, and Arabic,Mesmerizing audiences with his remarkable voice and heartfelt interpretations of romantic classics,Historic performance at the iconic Bell Centre in Montreal as the first and only singer of Middle Eastern origin, showcasing his undeniable talent and positive energy
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A group of female performers, donned in vibrant red Mexican attire, skillfully holding traditional Mexican guitars | Altus Entertainment
All-Female Mariachi Band
Trailblazing all-female mariachi ensemble,Vibrant, high-quality Mariachi entertainment,Can be booked in various configurations to suit your evet,Dynamic repertoire for all tastes
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A woman sings into a microphone while a man plays Spanish guitar. | Altus Entertainment
Spanish Guitar and Vocal Duo
Featured performers from Disney's "Princess Elena Castle Show",Elegant background music at a private event,Distinct Spanish Cultural Fusion,Very professional with a captivating live performance
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Six stylish male performers in vibrant, eclectic outfits confidently posing against a white background | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Male A Cappella Group
Multilingual singing capability, catering to a wide range of audiences,Upbeat and contemporary group specializing in latin, pop, and gospel music,Unique arrangements, setting them apart from other vocal groups,Constantly innovating and reinventing their style for a unique and exciting performance every time
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A woman performing a flamenco dance in a white dress. | Altus Entertainment
Soulful Flamenco Performers
Passionate traditional Flamenco experience,Authentic Spanish cultural immersion,Intricate footwork and vibrant guitar melodies,Professional performers with soulful artistry,Transform events into a Flamenco celebration
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Musician holding an acoustic guitar while engaged in a phone conversation | Altus Entertainment
Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist
Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist for versatile performances,Engaging Spanish music for events,Delivers a full-band sound as a solo performer,Tailored performances to cater to event's mood,Over a decade of performance experience
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A band of musicians posing with their guitars for a group photo | Altus Entertainment
Personalized Party Band
Personalized Party Band tailored to your event,Can accommodate solo act to 10-piece ensemble,Multiple male and female vocalists for rich performances,Sets the mood with diverse genre repertoire,Prioritizes creating unforgettable experiences
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Spanish Webs Acrobatic Show | Altus Entertainment
Spanish Webs Acrobatic Show
Jaw-dropping aerial stunts,Flexible rigging options,Perfect for any event type,Internationally acclaimed acrobats,Best acrobats to book for events
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Male and female duo performing passionate tango dance | Altus Entertainment
Argentine Tango & Salsa Experts
World-class Tango and Salsa showmanship,Elegant, passionate Latin dance experiences,Winners on international competition stages,From Buenos Aires to your event,Tailored dance events with global flair
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Experience the Authentic Flamenco Dance Show and Melodic Artistry

Embrace the fiery passion and soul-stirring performances with the best Spanish Flamenco acts from Altus Entertainment. Immerse your guests in an authentic cultural experience as our Flamenco musicians and dancers bring the spirit of España to your event.

Feel the intensity of a Flamenco Dance Show, where every stomp, clap, and swirl tells a story steeped in tradition. Our Flamenco Dancers are not just performers; they are storytellers who communicate with every movement, expressing emotions that words cannot capture.

Experience the strumming of guitars and the heartfelt vocals of our Flamenco Musicians, whose rhythms lay the groundwork for a truly immersive performance. The synergy between the musicians and dancers in a Flamenco Show captures the essence of this time-honored art form, delivering a spectacle that's both visually and acoustically mesmerizing.

Whether you're hosting a festival, a corporate event, or a private gathering, our Spanish Flamenco performances are tailored to create an unforgettable ambiance. Let the vibrant costumes, the dramatic music, and the expressive dance of Flamenco transport your event to the cobblestone streets of Andalusia.