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   World-class Tango and Salsa showmanship

   Elegant, passionate Latin dance experiences

   Winners on international competition stages

   From Buenos Aires to your event

   Tailored dance events with global flair

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Hire Argentine Tango Show and step into the world of rhythm and passion. This experience promises to sweep your guests off their feet with the sensual moves of Tango and the vibrant energy of Salsa. Our Argentine Tango & Salsa Experts are not just dancers; they are storytellers whose every step and slide on the dance floor is a tale of romance and enthusiasm. With accolades that include top finishes at international competitions, this dynamic duo exemplifies the height of Professional Tango and Salsa performers from Argentine.

Every performance is a masterclass in precision, emotion, and flair, reflecting over 15 years of dedication to their craft, winning hearts, and competitions around the globe. Recognized from the West End to Buenos Aires, our experts bring the same competitive excellence to your event. Now based in New York City, they are available for booking Argentine tango dancers for events worldwide, ready to transform any venue with an unforgettable display of Latin dance.

Hire an Argentine Tango Show and witness the intoxicating blend of traditional movements with a contemporary twist. Whether it's the intimate embrace of the Tango or the exhilarating spin of Salsa, each dance captivates with elegance and excitement. Their extensive experience across esteemed theaters ensures a performance quality designed to dazzle and inspire audiences of all demographics.

They provide more than just a dance show; they offer bespoke event packages tailored to exceed your entertainment expectations. When you consider booking Argentine tango dancers for events, know that you're not just providing entertainment; you're crafting an experience that embodies a culture's spirit and its dance's exuberance.


Incomparable Art and Beauty What separates them from other tango dancers is their amazing connection and musicality. In the past year, I had the pleasure to see them twice. Each time their dancing made a deep and lasting impression on me, as they grabbed my attention from the very beginning and did not let go until the very end. Their dancing is pure art and beauty. Their technique is impeccable and their artistry moves me to tears every time. Thank you for that rare artistic experience.

Irina F

The best tango performance I ever saw they added the touch of elegance to our wedding that we were looking for. We knew we wanted to “wow” and surprise our guests and they delivered that intention with utmost perfection. They were so good that we felt we were at a tango competition. They were there on time, dressed very elegantly, and delivered a performance that everyone absolutely loved. Weeks after my wedding I still hear from my guests about how much they enjoyed their show. Also, I recommend getting the two couples. It’s totally worth the money. The timing and technique are rehearsed to perfection. I wish I had another event coming up so I can hire them again.

Gonzalo O.

AmazingThey highlight of our event! Their amazing performance was enjoyed by all during the closing Alumni Reunion Day 2018 at NYU. They are indeed great dancers and engaged the important guests of our event perfectly.Thank you!!!

Milton S