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Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist

booking highlights

   Over a decade of performance experience

   Tailored performances to cater to event's mood

   Delivers a full-band sound as a solo performer

   Engaging Spanish music for events

   Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist for versatile performances

Services Offered

Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist PHOTOS


Engage your audience with the melodic versatility of our Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist. Offering the charm of live acoustic guitar, the energizing beats of a DJ, and the unique addition of a looper, this Spanish music for events performer brings a unique entertainment experience to your event like no other.

As a Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist, his performances cater to English and Spanish-speaking crowds, creating a melting pot of rhythms, tunes, and languages that resonate with everyone. Be it a soulful rendition of James Brown or the vibrant beats of Spanish music, he has the knack for setting the right tone and mood that gets any crowd up and dancing or relaxing and enjoying the music.

His talent doesn't stop at his bilingual vocals and guitar virtuosity. Using a blending of live-looping techniques, he builds a complete, full-band sound or a more intimate acoustic sound based on your event's needs, all delivered as a solo performer. His mastery in crafting tailored experiences ensures your audience's enjoyment and turns each performance into an unforgettable experience.

Book our Bilingual Musician and Loop Artist now to set an electric vibe for your event, from corporate gatherings to private parties. Let his versatile music performances infuse your event with a rich sonic experience that everyone will remember.


"He only got 5 stars because that was all this website allows. He was a true 19 star in our book! We used him last night for our party and we had all 50 of our guests thrilled and loving him after just 2 songs!!! What a talented, hard working guy. The extremely wide variety of songs he knows will blow you away. He did Bruno Mars to Johnny Cash! We had to MAKE him take a break to eat. Truly a pleasure to work with and we were in awe of his talents! Hire this young man! You will not be disappointed!!!"