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Guitarist and Live Looping Artist

booking highlights

   Guitarist and Live Looping Artist for a versatile performance

   Experienced guitarist with over 30 years of experience

   Live looping technology for a full, rich sound

   Wide range of music genres for any event

   Solo act delivering the impact of a full band

Services Offered

Guitarist and Live Looping Artist PHOTOS

Add an extra layer of excitement and versatility to your event with our Guitarist and Live Looping Artist. With over 30 years of experience, this talented performer brings a level of musical repertoire and virtuosity that will captivate your guests, irrespective of their musical preferences.

Our Guitarist and Live Looping Artist is not just an Experienced Guitarist but a musical chameleon, able to adapt his performance to the tone and theme of your event. Be it a light-hearted party with acoustic background music, a fiery Latin-themed event with passionate Spanish/Flamenco tunes, or even a soothing classical guitar concert, he can do it all.

What sets our performer apart is his skillful use of live looping technology. This enables him to layer multiple guitar tracks live on the spot, creating the rich, full sound of a band or even an orchestra while being a solo artist. This means you get the comprehensive sound of multiple musicians for the price of one.

Whether it's classic rock, modern top-40 dance, oldies, Latin, or blues/jazz set, his wide-ranging repertoire ensures he can match the mood and engage all your guests. His creative and musical genius can turn a simple song into a masterpiece, bringing everyone a smile.

Hire our Guitarist and Live Looping Artist for your next event, and experience first-hand the electrifying performance that leaves audiences of all age groups captivated and wanting more.