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Harmony and Acapella Groups for Hire: Vocal Brilliance for Your Event

Discover the enchanting world of vocal music with Altus Entertainment's harmony and acapella groups for hire. Our talented acapella bands, including some of the most famous acapella groups, deliver performances that are both captivating and memorable, perfect for any event.

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A group of people | Altus Entertainment
Nostalgic Quartet
Harmonious hits from '50s and '60s classics,Unique '90s a cappella infusion,Versatile performances with or without live piano,Colorful costumes and engaging personalities,Perfect for both corporate and private events
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A group of dancers in patriotic red and white striped outfits. | Altus Entertainment
Patriotic Singers and Dancers
Authentic 1940s USO Swing experience,Elegant Andrews Sisters tribute act,Customizable big band and track performances,Patriotic homage to American heroes
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A group of women posing in front of a city skyline | Altus Entertainment
All-Female A Cappella
Harmonies that elevate any occasion,Versatile a cappella arrangements for all events,Six person a cappela group with astounding sound offering live event music with the twist,All female group can be a headline show or provide ambient music tailored to any event
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A group of people in white robes singing at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Soul Gospel Choir
Up to 25 powerful vocalists,Custom song arrangements offered,Versatile gospel and R&B repertoire,Decade-long performance cohesion,Ideal for events and weddings
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A group of Rock Music Artists standing in front of a building. | Altus Entertainment
BeatBox Performers
Accommodates special request selections,Diverse repertoire including pop, Motown, classical, Broadway, and Disney,Electrifying live beatbox entertainment ,Top pick for events: Professional and Energetic,Offers self-contained audio setup and management
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Six stylish male performers in vibrant, eclectic outfits confidently posing against a white background | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Male A Cappella Group
Multilingual singing capability, catering to a wide range of audiences,Upbeat and contemporary group specializing in latin, pop, and gospel music,Unique arrangements, setting them apart from other vocal groups,Constantly innovating and reinventing their style for a unique and exciting performance every time
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A Capella Quartet | Altus Entertainment
A Capella Quartet
Featured on TBS and MAX in Miracle Workers (cold open w Daniel Radcliffe), USCellular Commercial and Radio spots,Featured in Macy's Parade 2021,Adaptable to various event themes
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A group of people standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree for themed entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Holiday A Cappella Group
Extensive carols and contemporary hits,Over a decade spreading holiday cheer,Adaptable performances for any event size,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas,Customizable festive attire for themes
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Performers in vibrant red and yellow robes posing for a group photo at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Soulful Gospel Choir
Internationally acclaimed, award-winning choir,Shared stages with famous artists,Memorable MTV "Unplugged" featured act,Available for worldwide events, based in New York
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Experience the Unique Sound of Our Acapella Bands and Famous Groups

Elevate your event with the pure vocal magic of harmony and acapella groups for hire through Altus Entertainment. Acapella music, known for its intricate harmonies and rhythmic versatility, offers a unique and enchanting entertainment experience that captivates audiences of all ages.

Our roster includes a variety of acapella bands that showcase the beauty of unaccompanied vocal performance. From contemporary hits to classic tunes, these groups bring a fresh and dynamic sound to any event. Their performances are not just about singing; they're about creating an atmosphere that resonates with every attendee.

Among our lineup are also some of the most famous acapella groups known for their exceptional talent and captivating stage presence. Their performances are a testament to the power of the human voice, creating rich musical landscapes that can stir emotions and leave lasting impressions.

Whether you're organizing a corporate event, a wedding, or a special celebration, our harmony and acapella groups for hire can tailor their performances to suit your specific needs. Their versatility makes them perfect for a wide range of events, promising an entertainment experience that is both unique and memorable.