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Holiday A Cappella Group

booking highlights

   Extensive carols and contemporary hits

   Over a decade spreading holiday cheer

   Adaptable performances for any event size

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas

   Customizable festive attire for themes

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This holiday season, envelop your event in the heartwarming embrace of carols with our Victorian A Cappella Group, the premier choice when you're looking to hire professional holiday a cappella group. Our ensemble's joyous vocals and festive attire have been the highlight of countless Christmas celebrations, delighting audiences with an extensive repertoire that ranges from serene classical pieces to spirited contemporary hits.

Enamored by the harmonious renditions of beloved carols, envision your guests as our talented holiday acappella group for events transforms your gathering into a nostalgic yuletide celebration. With over 55 songs, our performances are customized to suit any audience's taste, ensuring that no two shows are identical. Every show is unique. Our ensemble of over 30 vocalists brings each melody to life, whether as a captivating main act or as atmospheric music that complements the spirit of your event.

Our a cappella group's historical costumes and holiday sweaters are adaptable to mirror your event's theme, adding an elegant touch of yesteryear or a cozy festive charm. For over 12 years, we've been spreading cheer and filling venues with the merry sounds of the season. No matter the size of your event, from a company picnic to a charity dinner, our versatile performers are masters at making every day feel like a joyful holiday gathering.

Are you wanting to Hire professional holiday a cappella group? Let us fill your occasion with the quintessential sounds of Christmas, creating memories that will linger long after the last note fades. Get ready for a cappella experience with everyone, from the young to the young, at heart singing along and basking in the festive cheer.