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Beatboxing Cellist

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   Creates live, multi-layered soundscapes

   Customizable setlist for every event

   World’s first musical bike-touring cellist

    Available to perform at events worldwide and based in California

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Elevate your event to a symphony of modern rhythm and classical charm when you hire beatboxing cello player, the maestro of "Classical Hip-Hop." Imagine the fusion of timeless cello harmonies with sharp, syncopated beatboxing beats. This isn't just a performance; it's a musical revolution that pays homage to tradition while boldly defining the sound of a new era.

Our professional beatboxing cellist for events offers a one-of-a-kind act that takes audiences on an auditory journey through genres and eras. With the world as his stage, from the bustling cities of North America to the vibrant landscapes of Australia, he brings a global flair to every performance. The amazing cello and beatboxing artist doesn't just play music; he breathes life into every note through his innovative live recording and loop pedals, creating rich, enveloping sound layers.

Whether planning a wedding reception, a corporate gala, or an energetic festival, hiring a beatboxing cello player promises an entertainment experience that is as diverse as it is captivating. Each setlist is meticulously crafted to match the tone and atmosphere of your event, ensuring a performance that resonates with each guest.

His ability to blend musical styles, from the soulful echoes of folk and rock to the energetic pulses of dubstep and classical, makes him a versatile performer for any occasion. Hire beatboxing cello player and witness a seamless mix of classic artistry and innovative beats, guaranteeing an experience that will leave your guests mesmerized and talking long after the final bow.