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Exceptional Professional Cellist

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   Professional sound systems included

   Well-known songs with a luxurious classical twist

   Highly skilled, professional cellist

   Played at The Grammys and with renowned artists

   Custom cello scores for events

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Elevate your event's ambiance with the melodic embrace of our exceptional cellist for hire online, a maestro whose strings have resonated through the halls of The Grammys and alongside stars like H.E.R. and DJ Deorro. When elegance and sophistication are paramount, our distinguished cellist's rich, soul-stirring tones provide the perfect score to life's most significant moments.

Your search for the quintessential musical accompaniment ends here – hire a cellist for a wedding, party, or event and witness firsthand the transformation of your gathering into a realm of auditory bliss. This virtuoso doesn't merely play; they curate a backdrop of aural luxury as unique as your event. From the first note to the last, your guests will be enveloped in an enchanting and memorable soundscape.

Beyond exceptional cello performances, our music agency prides itself on orchestrating the perfect ensemble for your needs. Desire a string quartet's dulcet harmony or a solo harp's passionate strains? Our network is your palette, our musicians, your brushstrokes. Book a cellist for hire online with us, and you'll gain access to an entire symphony of talent.

Whether it's the intimate exchange of vows, the celebration of another year, or the refinement of a corporate engagement, our cellist for hire online elevates each experience with the gravity and grace only a cello can offer. Don't just host an event; gift an everlasting memory wrapped in the warmth of cello strings. Book now and let our cellist's bow dance to the rhythm of your most unforgettable moments.

  • Crissy Metz
  • Us The Duo
  • DJ Deorro
  • H.E.R.
  • 100's of weddings and corporate functions

He was incredible to work with from beginning to end. He helped us create an amazing song lineup for him to play on the cello during our ceremony and cocktail hour. He is an incredibly talented musician and our guests LOVED that we hired a rockstar cellist to play at our wedding. Five stars all around, and thank you for making our ceremony so memorable for both us and our guests


He played for our wedding guests before & after our ceremony and it was magical! He was very interested in making sure we had all of the music we wanted and was open to learning specific songs that we wanted to be played for our guests. Our guests have not stopped raving about the magical element that the cello performance provided to enhance our wedding experience. If we could give more stars, we sure would!!!

Alahnis Gurule

The cellist and his musician friends were amazing, their performance was stellar and they added a magical element to my parent's 50th anniversary! He was very professional from beginning to end and the music from the Cello, Violin, and Harp was out of this world! Their music was enjoyed by all party guests. We will definitely rehire him for future events and recommend him and his musician friends for any event. They have an expansive list of music to choose from and can't wait until our next event to hear them play! Great job, and thanks for the wonderful time, our parents enjoyed the music and had a blast! God Bless you and your Family!

Richard Buenrostro