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Drum and Percussion Artists

Percussionists for Hire 

Altus Entertainment offers an extensive range of drum and percussion artists for hire, each adding a unique rhythm and energy to your event. Whether you prefer traditional Japanese and Indian drum ensembles, steel drum bands, dynamic drumlines, or cutting-edge performances with lasers and LED lights, we have the perfect act to suit your event's atmosphere and theme.

FAQ: Drum and Percussion Artists

Altus Entertainment offers a diverse range of drum and percussion acts, including Japanese and Indian drum ensembles, steel drum bands, drumlines, street drummers, military drum corps, and acts incorporating special effects like lasers, water, and LED lights.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's drum and percussion acts can adapt to various event settings, whether indoors or outdoors. Steel drum bands are great for outdoor gatherings, while indoor events can benefit from the captivating performances of Japanese and Indian drum ensembles or other acts.

Absolutely! Altus Entertainment works closely with clients to customize drum and percussion acts to fit their event's theme and branding. Whether you need a cultural touch, a tropical vibe, or a unique twist, we can tailor the performance to your specific requirements.

Yes, many of our drum and percussion acts offer interactive elements. For example, street drummers engage with the audience by turning everyday items into percussion instruments, adding a playful and surprising dimension to the entertainment.


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Hire Percussionists for Events and Parties

Elevate your event's ambiance and excitement with the electrifying beats and rhythms of our percussionists and drum artists for hire. Altus Entertainment presents an extensive selection of drum and percussion acts that cater to various preferences and event themes.

Are you looking to add a touch of cultural richness to your event? Our Japanese and Indian drum ensembles, performing on traditional instruments, will transport your guests to far-off lands through their mesmerizing rhythms and captivating performances.

For those seeking a tropical twist, our steel drum bands bring the lively sounds of the Caribbean to your event, creating a laid-back and beachy atmosphere that's perfect for outdoor gatherings and summer celebrations. Alternatively, our drumlines deliver a high-energy performance, making them ideal for creating a dynamic and electrifying ambiance.

But we go beyond tradition at Altus Entertainment. Our percussionists for hire and drum artists incorporate cutting-edge elements like lasers, water, or LED lights into their shows, crafting dazzling spectacles that will leave your guests in awe of the visual and auditory experience.

For a surprise element, our street drummers are experts at turning everyday items into drum and percussion instruments, adding a playful and unexpected twist to your event's entertainment. If you aim for a more formal atmosphere, our military drum corps can set the tone and create a lasting impression that your guests will fondly remember long after the final beat fades. Whatever it is you need for your event, we'll help you find it here at Altus Entertainment.