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Altus Entertainment offers skilled mime artists who captivate audiences using only body language and facial expressions. Their performances suit various events, providing entertainment and interactive experiences for guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our mimes are skilled storytellers and can adapt their performance to align with any theme or mood you have in mind.

While mime primarily relies on body language and facial expressions, our artists can incorporate props if it enhances the storytelling or if it's required for a specific theme.

Yes, we can provide multiple mime artists for events that require a more extensive performance or for larger audiences.

Mimes are adaptable and can perform in various spaces, from intimate settings to larger stages. The space requirement can be discussed based on the specifics of your event.

Acts List

Mime Duet | Altus Entertainment
Mime Duet
Captivating silent storytelling,Unique dance and acrobatic routines,Perfect for interactive entertainment,Customizable performances for any theme,Engage and mesmerize your guests
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Trade Show Entertainment: A group of people dressed in silver standing on a ball. | Altus Entertainment
Exciting Ball Walker
This exciting Ball Walker can customize their act for any themed occasion or event ,Clients have the ability to choose to select their Ball Walker as a LED performer, mime, juggler, and more,Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, themed events, and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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A human statue of a mermaid lounging on a bed at the beach. | Altus Entertainment
Nautical Sea Living Statues
Wide range of sea-themed characters and nautical living statues,Customizable selection of sea characters can be booked as a set or individually,Great for private events, nautical parties, "under the sea" themes and more,Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide
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Female performer elegantly dressed in pink gown holding a feather at Entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Circus-Themed Greeters
Whimsical circus welcome at the door,Mingle with the strong man and bearded lady,Iconic circus ambiance for any event,Continuous engagement and photo ops,Tailored interactions to enhance the event experience
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Performer dressed in hat and white gloves raising his hands on stage | Altus Entertainment
Parisian Mime Artist
Trained by the legendary Marcel Marceau at the renowned École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris,Over two decades of international experience in mime performance and entertainment,Versatile range of acts, including crowd-engaging Mime Suiveur and classic The Tramp tributes,Offers a captivating solo mime show, appealing to a diverse audience demographic,Unique ability to blend humor, elegance, and mime artistry into engaging performances
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A female performer dressed in skeleton costume waving a monochrome flag at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Mime Artist
Hilarious mime artist that will have you in tears from laughter ,Brings joy to audiences of all ages ,Ideal for children’s events ,Comedic meet-and-greet entertainment
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Mime performance for your event or party

Hire a mime and experience the enchanting world of silence and storytelling with Altus Entertainment's pantomimes for hire, our talented mime artists use the power of body language and facial expressions to weave tales, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences without uttering a single word.

Imagine the allure of a mime performance that transports your guests into a realm where actions and emotions intertwine seamlessly. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a special celebration, or a community event, our mime performer will add an unforgettable touch of magic and artistry.

But the magic doesn't stop at the performance. Our mimes engage with guests, offering them a chance to step into the shoes of a mime artist. From interactive sessions to mini-performances, guests can experience the joy of mime firsthand, making your event truly immersive.

At Altus Entertainment, we pride ourselves on authenticity and versatility. Our mimes are storytellers, ready to adapt to any theme or mood of your event. Whether you're looking for a comedic sketch or a poignant narrative, when you hire a mime with us, you're guaranteed a performance that resonates.

So, if you're ready to elevate your event with the timeless art of mime, don't wait. Dive into the silent world of pantomime with Altus Entertainment and let our performers leave an indelible mark on your guests.