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Altus Entertainment offers professional caricature artists that promise unique entertainment and unforgettable souvenirs for your event. We provide a wide range of artists catering to various styles and budgets. With clear contracts and collaborative specialists, we make hiring caricature artists hassle-free. Choose Altus Entertainment for engaging, memorable, and chuckle-inducing event entertainment.


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Caricature Artist for Hire for Events and Parties

Discover a unique blend of entertainment and personalized mementos when you hire caricature artists from Altus Entertainment. As an innovative form of entertainment beloved across birthdays, corporate events, fairs, weddings, and more, caricature artists deliver humor, talent, and a touch of whimsy that leaves an indelible mark on any event.

Our caricature artists are more than performers; they are skilled artisans who can capture the essence of a person while infusing humor and exaggeration in each stroke. Watch as they take simple sketches and transform them into a hilarious reflection of reality - a captivating spectacle for everyone present. But the fun doesn't stop there. Each guest leaves with a unique caricature, serving as a delightful souvenir that embodies the joy of your event.

Working with us is effortless. Once you've chosen your artist, we facilitate clear communication, provide detailed contracts, and take care of booking agreements, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

But our offerings aren't limited to just caricature artists. We believe in providing a diverse palette for you to choose from. Our catalogue includes a wide array of artists, each specializing in different styles - from the playfully cartoonish to the eye-catchingly realistic, and even cutting-edge digital caricatures.

Whether you're hosting a grand corporate event looking for a modern digital caricature artist, throwing a vibrant birthday party needing the charm of traditional caricaturists, or planning a wedding and hunting for a caricature artist to add a special twist to your reception, Altus Entertainment has you covered.

Our team of top-rated Art-Based Entertainers is ever-ready to bring their skills to your event, providing top-notch entertainment that will keep your guests laughing, engaged, and leaving with a special keepsake from your event.

So why wait? Discover the magic of laughter and art with us, and let us help turn your event into an unforgettable celebration!