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Altus Entertainment offers wow factor caricature artists that will make unique entertainment and unforgettable souvenirs for your event. We provide a wide range of artists catering to various themes and budgets. With clear contracts and collaborative specialists, we make hiring caricature artists hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A caricature artist is an entertain and skilled artist who creates amusing and playful illustrations portraits. It's important to note that caricature artists create their art for entertainment purposes.

The average cost for a caricature artist is between $100 and $200 per hour. The price also depends on various factors such as location, experience, and services provided.

You can hire a caricature artist at Altus Entertainment, we've connected thousands of talented, varied caricaturists. Let us help you find the most suitable caricature artist for your need!

Acts List

A playful caricaturist holding up a caricature. | Altus Entertainment
Playful Caricaturist
Talented black and white and color caricaturist,Personalized caricature papers with logos or names,Offers a digital option to create caricature portraits,Can draw a live caricature in under a minute ,Unique and interactive alternative to traditional event photography
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Caricature illustration of a man enjoying beach vacation with cruise ship backdrop | Altus Entertainment
LA Digital Caricatures
Instantly shareable digital caricatures,Live caricature entertainment,Swift, skilled, and professional artist,Personalized party mementos,Engaging experience for all ages
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Digital caricature of a man holding an iPad for art-based entertainment at corporate events. | Altus Entertainment
Event Caricaturist
Professional caricature with over 10 years of experience providing services to various events,Offers a diverse array of services including watercolor caricatures, digital caricatures, illustrations, logo designs, character development, and more,Perfect addition to any event, from corporate gatherings and theme parks to private parties and festivals
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A live event artist creates an art-based entertainment by revealing a unique caricature of a group of people in superman costumes. | Altus Entertainment
Humorous Caricature Show
An entertainer who happens to able to draw - Don Rickles with a Pen,Full color 9x12 caricatures in 5-6 minutes,Interactive caricature performances,Provide your guests with unique, custom-made artwork,Will tailor his performance to your event
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Caricature Illustration Artist | Altus Entertainment
Caricature Illustration Artist
Swift, personalized caricature artistry,Entertaining live illustrations for guests,Over 30 years of professional experience,Unique keepsakes from your special event
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Two girls happily displaying a humorous caricature portrait of themselves at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Caricatures and Illustrations Artist
Talented Caricatures and Illustration Artist for events,Quick black and white caricatures in about 5 minutes,Option for color drawings available,Personalized, quick caricatures as unique keepsakes,Offers both event and studio caricatures
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A Caricature Artist drawing a picture of a woman at a Gala party. | Altus Entertainment
One Minute Caricatures
Fast-paced caricature drawings in about a minute per person,Can draw black and white caricatures of up to 200 people in 3 hours on customized/branded paper for an event,Ability to add color, backgrounds, and body situations to the presentation,Option to combine images to draw people in groups together,Experience of over 100 live full-color caricature shows
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Montage illustration featuring influential Latina women professionals, highlighting their contributions and inspirational quotes for empowerment. | Altus Entertainment
Live Sketching Act
Captivating live sketching entertainment,Tailored art piques audience interest,Interactive, engaging live documentation,Versatile analog and digital media,Memorable takeaways from your event
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Vibrant cartoon illustration of a quirky artist in a bathtub, whimsically seeking inspiration for his next sketch, perfect for entertainment content. | Altus Entertainment
Event Caricature Artist
Fast, fun caricatures in minutes,Versatility with digital and traditional mediums,Ideal for virtual and in-person events,Entertaining and professional artist,Custom caricatures for all event types
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Get a Caricature Artist for your Events and Parties

Get a special blend of entertainment and personalized mementos when you hire caricature artists from Altus Entertainment. As a form of entertainment used across birthdays, corporate events, fairs, weddings, and more, caricature artists deliver humor, talent, and a touch of whimsy that leaves an indelible mark on any event.

Our caricature artists are more than performers; they are skilled artisans who can capture the essence of a person while adding a touch of humor and exaggeration in each stroke. Watch as they transform simple sketches into a hilarious reflection of reality - a captivating spectacle for everyone present. But the fun doesn't stop there. Each guest could leave with a unique caricature, serving as a delightful souvenir that embodies the joy of your event.

At Altus Entertainment, we strive to make your experience effortless. Once you've selected your artist, we ensure clear communication, provide detailed contracts, and handle all booking agreements, guaranteeing a seamless process from start to finish.

Whether you're hosting a grand corporate event looking for a caricature artist, throwing a vibrant birthday party needing the charm of caricaturists, or planning a wedding and hunting for a caricature artist to add a special twist to your reception, Altus Entertainment has what you want.

Our team of top-rated Art-Based Entertainers are standing by to bring their skills to your event.

So why wait? Discover the magic of laughter and art with Altus, and let us help turn your event into an unforgettable work of art!