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Country Music for Parties

Altus Entertainment offers the best country music for parties, with artists who captivate and engage. From local talents to wedding bands, we promise an unforgettable musical experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Country music's versatility makes it an excellent choice for various events. Country bands perform different songs, from classic hits and lively line-dancing tunes to heartfelt ballads. Consider booking a small acoustic duo for intimate settings such as restaurants, cocktail hours, or private gatherings. Alternatively, opt for a high-energy party band to encourage dancing at more significant events like corporate functions, proms, or holiday parties.

Country bands can also be cost-effective for wedding ceremonies and receptions, particularly those held outdoors with a rustic theme.

Country bands are usually hired for 3-hour engagements, but they can be flexible to cater to shorter events as needed. For instance, they might send only a guitarist and vocalist for a 30-minute performance instead of the entire band. For more extended events, country bands typically perform in 30–45-minute sets, taking 5–15-minute breaks between each group. To ensure your guests remain engaged and entertained during these breaks, consider arranging for an emcee or DJ to fill the gaps in the live music.

The cost of hiring country bands typically ranges from $800 to over $15,000+, with several factors influencing the final price. These factors may include the duration of the performance, the nature of the event, the number of band members, and the level of experience the band has. Acoustic country bands often charge lower fees than those requiring a full-stage setup and PA system. The band size can also impact the cost, as larger groups generally command higher prices to ensure each member receives a fair share.

Acts List

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Alternative Rock Fusion Band
Experience the electrifying sound of the ultimate fusion rock band,Vocalist delivers a riveting and commanding performance that captivates from the first note,A powerful, in-your-face rock sound that gets everyone on their feet,Their tracks have gained recognition on popular Spotify playlists,A dedicated act renowned within the Oregon rock music scene
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Renowned Country Band
Renowned Country Band for authentic country charm,Versatile Country singers for events ,Versatile configurations from trio to six-piece band ,Energetic performances of country hits,Dynamic stage presence with captivating storytelling
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Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Female Singer With Optional Band
Passionate blend of Americana and rock,Captivating solo, duo, or full-band performances,Covers and originals with explosive energy,Unforgettable stage presence and charism
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Male performer passionately singing and playing acoustic guitar on stage | Altus Entertainment
Professional Singer and Guitarist
Over 20 years of experience captivating crowds with live music,Able to engage with audiences for an interactive experience,Smart song selection that ensures a lively and involved crowd,100% portable music system, allowing for performance in any location,Expertise in delivering heartfelt acoustic covers and shows
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A female performer showcasing her talent on stage under vibrant pink lighting | Altus Entertainment
Taylor Swift Cover Artist
A Taylor Swift impersonator with a remarkable resemblance to the superstar,Live singing performances with the option of a band or high-quality backing tracks,Tailorable acts, ranging from short appearances to extensive 90-minute shows,Engaging meet and greet opportunities for fans and photo ops,A heartfelt tribute show capturing the magic of Taylor Swift's most cherished hits
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Musician delivering a passionate performance playing an acoustic guitar and energetically singing into a microphone against a picturesque backdrop during a live event. | Altus Entertainment
Johnny Cash Tribute Show
Immersive Johnny Cash musical experience,Authentic renditions of Cash's legendary hits,Engaging performances with audience interaction,Versatile act from solo to full-band setups,Award-winning tribute by seasoned performer
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A Country Western singer in a cowboy hat is smiling. | Altus Entertainment
Country Western Singer
Merges classic and modern country in a unique style,Reached #1 on the International Country Chart,Shared the stage with prominent country singers including Chris Stapleton, Pat Green, Ryan Hurd, Cody Canada and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Nashville ,Versatile vocal range from silky smooth to raspy allure
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A dynamic singer-songwriter duo standing next to a body of water. | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic Singer-Songwriter Duo
This dynamic duo performs original and cover songs to provide pure entertainment to their audiences,Their talent has awarded them features in Roots Music Magazine, RiverScene Magazine, Havasu Living Magazine, Nashville Music Guide and more,They blend modern country, pop, rock and a pinch of hip-hop that brings uniqueness to every performance,They have many repeat clients and have performed dozens of times at local and statewide venues
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Two men in tuxedos posing next to a piano | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic Jazz Cover Duo
Full band sound, dynamic duo size,Classic and contemporary jazz repertoire,Elevates ambiance for any event,Skilled musicians with rhythmic prowess,Perfect for events that desire sophistication
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Booking Country Music Acts for Your Next Event

Booking country music for parties is a timeless choice, and Altus Entertainment is your premier destination to hire the best in the business. Our country music artists, with their heartwarming melodies and soulful lyrics, promise to sprinkle nostalgia and add a dash of soul to your next event. From local country music talents who capture the essence of the heartlands to country music wedding bands that can make your special day even more memorable, we have it all.

Booking country music acts through Altus ensures an experience that goes beyond just music. Our artists are storytellers, taking your guests on a journey through tales of love, adventure, and the American dream. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private party, or looking for country music wedding bands, our performers will captivate your audience, making them part of the musical journey.

Why settle for pre-recorded tracks when you can have live, interactive performances? Our artists specialize in engaging with the audience, ensuring everyone is foot-tapping, singing along, and swaying to the beats. And if you're looking to make your event truly stand out, consider our local country music talents who bring authenticity and raw emotion to every performance.

With Altus Entertainment, you're not just booking country music acts; you're investing in an unforgettable experience tailored to your event's needs. From intimate acoustic sets to grand concerts, we've got you covered. So, if you're on the hunt for the best country music for parties, look no further. Let Altus Entertainment set the stage for an evening filled with soul, passion, and unforgettable country melodies.