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Hire Gypsy Bands for events

Altus Entertainment offers a selection of Gypsy music bands, ideal for adding a vibrant and cultural touch to any event. These bands, available for various occasions, including weddings, bring the rich traditions of Gypsy jazz to life, ensuring a lively and memorable experience for all attendees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gypsy Bands often feature a mix of traditional instruments such as violins, accordions, guitars, double bass, and sometimes wind instruments like clarinets. The combination creates the distinctive and vibrant sound associated with gypsy music.

Absolutely! Our Gypsy Bands are versatile and can tailor their setlists to fit the theme or specific requests of your event, ensuring a unique musical experience.

Yes, our gypsy bands often collaborate with dancers or other performers to create a comprehensive entertainment experience. If you have specific collaboration ideas, we can certainly facilitate that.

Acts List

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Retro and Eclectic Award-Winning Band
Known for their unique take on Classic Jazz and Swing music from the Roaring 1920s,Perform Classic Rock, Pop and dance songs adding in a female singer,Classy, sophisticated, and fun,Customizable show for any theme,Diverse repertoire (Jazz, Swing, Gypsy, Western Swing)
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A man in a tuxedo holding an accordion showcasing his specialty in novelty acts. | Altus Entertainment
Experienced Accordion Player
35 years of accordion expertise,Versatile performer with 35 years of experience,Perfect for corporate events, weddings, festivals, and more,Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian,Based in Miami, Florida and available for worldwide bookings
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Gypsy Musical Group
Dynamic Gypsy Group fusing jazz, pop, blues, swing, and vibrant rhythms, Currently a Guinness World Record Holder ,High-energy band known for performances at notable venues nationwide,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Boston,"Rock stars with acoustic guitars" vibes ,Django Reinhardt-inspired musical feats
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 Book Gypsy music group

Immerse your guests in the exuberant world of Eastern European melodies by choosing to Hire Gypsy Bands for Events through Altus Entertainment. Our Gypsy Music Band Performers for hire bring a dynamic presence to any gathering, infusing it with the soul-stirring rhythms and passionate melodies that define this timeless genre.

Envision your event uplifted by the sounds of a Gypsy music group, where the strumming of guitars and the echo of accordions set a backdrop of excitement and cultural richness. These bands are not just musicians; they are storytellers whose tunes tell tales of wanderlust and celebration. They are an ideal choice for anyone looking to book a Gypsy music group that can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary festivity.

Moreover, if you're in the midst of wedding planning, consider the unique charm that Gypsy Bands for Weddings for hire can offer. Their music creates an ambiance of romance and joy, perfect for the ceremony and the reception. Our performers are adept at tailoring their sets to suit the mood of your special day, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates with couples and guests alike.