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Dolly Parton Tribute Acts for Hire

Altus Entertainment's Dolly Parton tribute artists bring the spirit and charm of this country music legend to your event. Our impersonators, dedicated to perfecting Dolly's vocals and stage presence, deliver engaging performances of her classic hits. With their versatility and attention to detail, they ensure a performance that resonates with every guest. Choose Altus Entertainment for a Dolly Parton tribute act that will make your event unforgettable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our artists can tailor their setlist to suit your event's theme and preferences.

Yes, our impersonators love engaging with the audience, making the experience even more memorable.

Yes, our artists are available for international events, bringing the magic of Dolly Parton to audiences worldwide.

Acts List

Dolly Parton performing live on stage with a microphone, an iconic country music singer | Altus Entertainment
Dolly Parton Tribute Artist
A heartfelt tribute to Dolly Parton, capturing the legend's essence,Authentic performance with a voice and humor akin to Dolly's own,A wealth of experience performing on international stages,Perfect for creating an engaging, nostalgic atmosphere,A versatile act that resonates with fans of classic country and the music of Dolly Parton
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Blond woman posing elegantly in a white dress for a photography session | Altus Entertainment
Dolly Parton Impersonator
Entertainment length can be walk-around to a full 90 min show ,Proven track record of delivering high-quality performances,An immersive Dolly Parton experience,Versatile show formats available,Captures Dolly's heart and soul
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Hire Dolly Parton Tributes for Events and Parties

Bring a piece of Nashville to your event with the timeless classics of Dolly Parton, delivered by Altus Entertainment's Dolly Parton tribute artists.

Our tribute impersonators are more than just performers; they're passionate artists who have mastered the nuances, vocals, and stage presence of the iconic Dolly Parton. With their platinum blonde hair, flamboyant outfits, and renditions of classic tunes like "Jolene" and "9 to 5", they transport your guests straight to the heart of country music.

What distinguishes our Dolly Parton tribute acts is their versatility. They tailor their performances to your event's needs, delivering a setlist of Dolly's country hits, bluegrass melodies, or even her pop chartbusters. Whether you're hosting a grand corporate event, an intimate wedding, or a vibrant country-themed party, our impersonators ensure a performance that resonates with every guest.

So, if you're looking to hire a Dolly Parton tribute act that embodies the spirit, talent, and charm of this country music legend, look no further than Altus Entertainment. Our impersonators promise a performance that will leave your guests singing along and tapping their feet, making your event a night to remember.