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Food and Beverage Services for Events

Choose Altus Entertainment for top-tier Food and beverage services for events. We offer everything from elegant Food and Beverage On-Site Catering to specialized event and conference services, ensuring your catering needs are met with sophistication and culinary excellence.


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A woman in a gold strolling table providing themed Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Tables
Strolling tables that will be the centerpiece of your event,Mobile tables for cocktails and appetizers,Custom themes to match your vision,Can pour cocktails, serve desserts, promotional materials, and more
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A man and woman dressed up in Sphere Artists costumes. | Altus Entertainment
Flowing Champagne Dress
Dress can be modified to fit the theme per client's request,Available for worldwide events, based in Los Angeles ,Unique interactive experience,Can hold up to 60 glasses of champagne on jaw-dropping dress,Beautiful model will delight guests with great service
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Robot waiter carrying tray of food in entertainment setting | Altus Entertainment
Robot Servers
Advanced LIDAR and AI technology for nimble navigation and obstacle avoidance,Long-lasting 12-hour battery life to cover full service shifts,Autonomously returns to charging station, requiring minimal oversight,Adjustable and heavy-duty trays for versatile service capabilities,A futuristic approach to dining service that enhances customer experience
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White robot showcasing outstretched arms in performance display | Altus Entertainment
Robot Bartender and Barista
The first humanoid AI robot bartender and barista commercially deployed in the US,Provides a unique and futuristic attraction for guests and patrons,Delivers a high level of efficiency and consistency in drink preparation,Ideal for drawing attention and creating a memorable experience at events,Offers the novelty of cutting-edge technology with practical utility
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Ice cream maker in use at a fun-filled party event | Altus Entertainment
Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine
Interactive liquid nitrogen dessert performance,High-quality ingredients guarantee delicious flavors,Attraction, performance, and dessert in one,Creates a memorable dessert experience,Instantly made ice creams and sorbets
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Performer posing in front of a bar overlooking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge | Altus Entertainment
Creative Bartending Service
Certified and highly experienced bartenders,Creative and interactive approach to bartending,Accommodates a wide range of events,Responsible and thoughtful service,Adds flair and excitement to any event
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Woman holding a bottle of wine in her hands at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Pouring Aerialist
Typically performed on aerial hoop or sling,Unique, sky-high champagne service,Unforgettable visual impact,Creates lasting memories,Transformative spectacle for guests
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A coffee cup featuring a Mario character. | Altus Entertainment
Talented Latte Artist
Designs logos, characters, portraits; roasts, brews beans,Featured latte art at Star Wars premiere,Recognized by Foodbeast, Fox, HBO, celebrities, corporations,Available for worldwide booking, based in Chicago,Enhances any event with coffee creativity,Drinkable latte art masterpieces
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Mobile Cocktail Experience | Altus Entertainment
Mobile Cocktail Experience
Expert mixologists provide hands-on instruction,All-inclusive class - only alcohol and ice required from you,Available in cities across the U.S.,Connect with fellow participants and gain bartending knowledge,All-inclusive mixology education and entertainment
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Catering and Beverages for Events: Culinary Excellence by Altus

You can elevate your event's culinary experience with Altus Entertainment's Food and beverage services for events. Our catering solutions are designed to impress, with various options to suit any taste and occasion. Whether you're planning a small gathering or a large-scale conference, our culinary team is dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences.

Can you book catering for an event? Our chefs and service staff specialize in crafting menus that reflect your event's theme, dietary preferences, and culinary desires. From elegant hors d'oeuvres to lavish banquets, we provide delicious, beautifully presented food that highlights your event.

Our Food and Beverage On-Site Catering ensures that every aspect of your event's dining experience is handled with expertise and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and exquisite presentation to make each meal exceptional.

For those organizing conferences or corporate gatherings, our event and conference services go beyond just catering. We offer comprehensive solutions that include meal planning, setup, service, and breakdown, ensuring that every aspect of your event's catering needs is seamlessly managed.