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Altus Entertainment's trained conference presenters are the driving force behind successful, engaging events. More than just moderators, they reinforce key messages, introduce speakers with flair, and infuse humor to lighten the mood. With a diverse roster of expert speakers, we cater to various conference themes. Our presenters' ability to transition seamlessly from hosting to interviewing ensures a comprehensive conference experience. Choose Altus Entertainment for dynamic, engaging, and seamless conference hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our presenters work closely with organizers to ensure their approach aligns perfectly with the event's objectives and theme.

Yes, we have a range of multilingual presenters to cater to diverse audiences.

Certainly! Our presenters are skilled at engaging with the audience, making sessions interactive and lively.

Acts List

A man delivering an innovative and creative presentation on stage alongside a large screen. | Altus Entertainment
Entertaining Keynote Speaker
Hall of Fame speaker with engaging humor,Expert facilitator for audience interaction,Certified Speaking Professional (CSP),Las Vegas headliner experience,Delivers tailored, dynamic keynote presentations
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A painting of a hypnotist in a tuxedo | Altus Entertainment
Hypnotist Keynote Speaker
Captivating blend of hypnosis and motivation,Seminars tailored for personal and corporate growth,Engaging, humorous, and insightful presentations,Creates a lasting impact on behavior and success,Renowned hypnotist with global speaking experience
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Two conference presenters in white suits posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
Host and Emcee
Will tailor his hosting style to suit your specific event theme or preferences,Charismatic host appeals to a wide range of audiences,Guarantees a seamless and polished performance,One-of-a-kind hosting experience that sets your event apart from others
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A smiling woman keynote speaker in a white shirt | Altus Entertainment
Leadership and Mindset Speaker
Renowned Leadership and Mindset Speaker,Expert in women's empowerment,Catalyst for personal and professional change,Delivers impactful emotional intelligence talks ,Proven track record with industry giants
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A stunning woman in a hat providing strolling entertainment at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Engaging Promotional Model
Elevates brand presence with sophistication,A decade of fashion and promotional expertise,Mastery in trade show engagement,Brings Chicago glamour to Las Vegas events,Tailored representation for your brand
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Long-haired male musician passionately playing electric guitar for a music performance | Altus Entertainment
Music Keynotes Speakers
Leading live music motivational speakers,Award-winning team building experiences,Use the power of music to connect teams,A rich history of helping organizations strengthen connections,Best music industry speakers to hire
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Professional male performer in suit and tie smiling for the camera | Altus Entertainment
Comical Keynote Speaker
Laughter-laced presentations with substance,Decades of comedy and keynote experience,Customized humor for corporate audiences,Renowned comic presence on national platforms
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Man sitting at a table radiating joy towards the camera, stylishly clad in a casual chic black jacket and graphic t-shirt. | Altus Entertainment
Motivational Speaker and Magician
Best-selling author with dynamic speaking,Magic-infused motivational presentations,Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine featured,Personal and professional empowerment,Memorable magic and meaningful insights
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Inspiring Keynote Speaker | Altus Entertainment
Inspiring Keynote Speaker
Tailored keynotes across industries,Expert in both live and virtual presentations,Energizes any stage with motivational power,Personalized approach to audience engagement
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Conference Speakers for Hire for Events

Elevate your conference with the skill and charisma of a presenter from Altus Entertainment. We understand the nuances of hosting a successful conference. Our trained presenters keep the momentum going, ensuring attendees remain engaged and invigorated throughout the event.

Our conference presenters are more than moderators; they are the driving force of your event. Capable of reinforcing key messages, introducing speakers with flair, and infusing humor to keep the mood light, they adeptly read the room and pivot their approach to ensure the energy never dips.

But our offerings don't stop at moderating. We have a diverse roster of conference speakers, each an expert in their field. Whether you're hosting a business summit, a health symposium, or an entertainment expo, we have the perfect speaker to resonate with your audience. With their ability to transition from hosting to interviewing seamlessly, our presenters offer a holistic conference experience.

So, if you're looking to hire conference presenters or speakers who can deliver engaging, dynamic, and seamless events, look no further than Altus Entertainment.