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Ice Glasses & Luge

booking highlights

   Transforms blocks of ice into art pieces

   Stylish ice sculptures add sophistication to your event

   Serve drinks in a unique way with our ice luge

   Ice shot glasses provide a chilly thrill

   Creative ice drinks are the perfect conversation starter

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Ice Glasses & Luge PHOTOS


Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment's ice shot glasses and ice luge creator. Our artist doesn't simply create ice shot glasses and ice luge works; they sculpt an unforgettable, interactive experience for your guests.

Imagine the excitement as your guests watch a block of ice transform into a sleek, sophisticated luge before their eyes. These sophisticated luges are then used as perfect canvases that your guests can drink their favorite beverages from for a refreshing and fun experience. Each piece is meticulously crafted on-site, ensuring your guests enjoy not only the end product but also the process. From pouring their beverages down an intricately carved ice luge to sipping from stylish ice shot glasses, your guests will be captivated by the unique experience our artist provides.

But it's not just about practicality. Our artist creates stylish ice sculptures for events, adding an element of aesthetic pleasure to the functionality. Whether it's an elegant swan for a wedding or a company logo for a corporate event, these ice sculptures add a touch of sophistication that sets your event apart.

Additionally, our creative ice drinks sculptor brings a new meaning to 'on the rocks'. These unique creations are more than just drinks; they're conversation-starters, ensuring your event remains the talk of the town long after the ice has melted.