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Food and Drink Team Building

Food and Drink Team Building

Strengthen team bonds with Altus Entertainment's culinary experiences! Dive into hands-on food and drink activities that foster collaboration and fun. From gourmet dishes to craft cocktails, serve up team building like never before.


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Hands-on Food and Drink experiences are the perfect way to build bonds among team members and reward employees and volunteers for a job well done. Our hands-on Food experiences give your attendees the chance to work together to create meals for the group or compete against each other in small teams. Our Food Team Building activities can feature sweet treats, savory dishes, foods from a specific culture, or new ways to use certain ingredients.

We also offer Drink-based Team Building experiences. Treat your attendees to a master class in wine or give them hands-on experience creating craft cocktails they can sample themselves or share with their colleagues. Our Food and Drink Team Building activities can be held almost anywhere, making them perfect for corporate retreats, conference parties, holiday events, and even private functions.