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Food and Drink Team Building for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers hands-on food and drink team building experiences to strengthen team bonds and reward hardworking employees and volunteers. Our activities include collaborative meal preparation, culinary competitions, wine master classes, and craft cocktail workshops. 

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Flair Bartender
Renowned World's Best Bartender with four titles to his name,Experience serving high-profile celebrities and directing elite bar programs,A unique blend of cocktail artistry and mesmerizing bartending performances,Expertise in luxury resort bar training, leading industry standards,A social media influencer with a significant following, showcasing industry-leading trends
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Downtown Foodie Tour
A Downtown foodie tour that helps you vacate the Strip for a couple hours to enjoy a unique side of Vegas where locals like to gather,Be prepared to be treated like royalty with VIP experience seating,Meet chefs of exciting, independent restaurants focused on personal, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine,Enjoy 3 to 4 signature dishes at each venue and cocktails or zero-proof drinks at each unique stop
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Exclusive Brunch Tour
Indulge in three of the best brunch places in Las Vegas,Experience the best boozy brunch with included drinks,Skip the lines and enjoy VIP treatment at each venue,Named "Best Brunch" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal
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Singing Chef
Guest interaction while cooking on stage,Unique 90-minute show combining food and music,Engaging sing-along with projected lyrics,Immersive Italian culinary and song experience
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Virtual Customized Mixology Workshop
Learn how to measure, juice, shake and stir cocktails like a pro,Choose from an array of cocktails and themes for your virtual event,Host can customize the workshop to fit company brands and themes,Guests can be provided with a cocktail box including all the ingredients guests need to create the incredible cocktails,Brings the high-end cocktail bar experience to your home with a 4K camera and stunning bar set up
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Steakhouse Foodie Tour
Exquisite dining experience in a foodie tour that allows guests to experience the finest steakhouses in Sin City ,VIP treatment with no reservations or waiting in line requirements,Award-winning food tour that gives you the opportunity to meet Sin City's best chefs,Enjoy signature dishes that are the most prized in the city
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Sin City Foodie Tours
Premier walking tour for food lovers who want to experience Las Vegas's best food destinations,Personalized service and VIP access to the best tables in town ,Great for locals, tourists, business travelers, or corporate groups in small or large parties
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Virtual Kombucha Workshop
Fosters team building and bonding while learning a new skill,Each participant receives a DIY kombucha kit before the event,Probiotic, gut-friendly properties linked to improved health for the body and mind,Learn health benefits from a certified nutritionist with your team of any size,Handouts are customized to include key takeaways, recipes or instructions.
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Mobile Cocktail Experience
Expert mixologists provide hands-on instruction,All-inclusive class - only alcohol and ice required from you,Available in cities across the U.S.,Connect with fellow participants and gain bartending knowledge,All-inclusive mixology education and entertainment
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Food and Drink Themed Workshops for Events and Parties

Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment's hands-on food and drink team building experiences. Our activities are designed to bring your team members together, encourage collaboration, and reward their hard work.

In our food team-building experiences, your attendees have the opportunity to work as a team to create delicious meals or compete in culinary challenges. These activities can feature sweet treats, savory dishes, foods from specific cultures, or innovative ways to use certain ingredients. It's a delightful and engaging way to bond while exploring the world of gastronomy.

For those who prefer a drink-based team building experience, we offer master classes in wine appreciation and hands-on craft cocktail workshops. Participants can learn the art of mixology, sample their creations, and even share them with colleagues. It's a fun and interactive way to appreciate the world of beverages.

Our food and drink team building activities can be customized to fit your event's theme and held in various locations, making them suitable for corporate retreats, conference parties, holiday events, and private functions. These experiences not only enhance team dynamics but also create lasting memories.

Altus Entertainment is committed to delivering exceptional food and drink events that promote camaraderie and celebrate achievements. When you choose our food and drink team themed workshops, you're choosing to make your event more enjoyable, interactive, and meaningful.

So, whether you want to bring teams together over a culinary challenge or raise a toast to success with craft cocktails, Altus Entertainment has the perfect solution. Explore our food and drink team building options today and create a memorable experience for your attendees.