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Looking for Fun Team Building Activities?

Altus Entertainment offers a range of interactive challenges and workshops tailored to your team's needs. From problem-solving games to creative workshops, we provide experiences that entertain and foster collaboration and personal development. We also will take all the hard work out of your hands. You can give our entertainment booking agents your theme and goal; we will do the rest!

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An entertaining keynote speaker engaging a crowd with a microphone on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Entertaining Keynote Speaker
Hall of Fame speaker with engaging humor,Expert facilitator for audience interaction,Certified Speaking Professional (CSP),Las Vegas headliner experience,Delivers tailored, dynamic keynote presentations
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Bartender skillfully preparing cocktail near blazing fire in an entertainment venue | Altus Entertainment
Flair Bartender
Renowned World's Best Bartender with four titles to his name,Experience serving high-profile celebrities and directing elite bar programs,A unique blend of cocktail artistry and mesmerizing bartending performances,Expertise in luxury resort bar training, leading industry standards,A social media influencer with a significant following, showcasing industry-leading trends
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Interactive Event Magician | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Event Magician
Hyper-personable and engaging magical performances,Award-winning close-up magician for corporate events,Available for Stage Shows, and/or Close-Up/Walk-Around Magic.,High-energy performances for memorable events,Interactive storytelling through magic
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An all-female drumline providing corporate event entertainment | Altus Entertainment
All-Female Drumline
Dance group add-on is available,Serving Fortune 500s, major liquor brands, sports groups,Dynamic all female drumline energy,Offers virtual performances,Vibrant LED and traditional drumlines,Versatile performances for any event
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Female performer skillfully wielding twin knives before a vibrant red curtain on stage | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Magic Shows
Team building game shows fully customized to the event,Unique Team Building Magic Shows , Promotes collaboration and communication ,Engaging trade show brand-building,Immersive close-up magic experiences,Mentalism that bridges mind and miracle
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Long-haired male musician passionately playing electric guitar for a music performance | Altus Entertainment
Music Keynotes Speakers
Leading live music motivational speakers,Award-winning team building experiences,Use the power of music to connect teams,A rich history of helping organizations strengthen connections,Best music industry speakers to hire
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A woman holding a surfboard | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Surfboard Art
Interactive activity for guests to color in the pre-printed graphics,Color markers, assistant, and custom graphic included.,Perfect for beach parties, events, and group activities,Provides a customizable artwork that can be kept as a unique keepsake,8-foot surfboard acts as a giant coloring book
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A group of people participating in a interactive entertainment activity using chopsticks. | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Drum Workshop
Enhances event with lively energy boost ,Transforms competition into team-building ,Custom branded drumsticks with your logo ,Audience keeps the drumsticks as mementos
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A man in a suit and tie delivering an inspiring comedic gesture. | Altus Entertainment
Inspiring Comedian
Laughter mixed with life-affirming tales,Virtual event comedy speciality,Tailored humor for any corporate theme,National TV presence and acclaim,Overcomes adversity with wit and wisdom
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Hire fun Team Building Activities for your next corporate event!

When searching for Fun Team Building Activities, Altus Entertainment is your go-to source for innovative and engaging experiences. Imagine your team working together to solve a mystery game based on video clues or collaborating to build a soapbox cart.

Our activities are designed to entertain and challenge your team's problem-solving abilities, decisiveness, and decision-making skills.

But what is a Team Building Experience without customization? We understand that every team is unique, so we offer tailored packages to meet your needs. Whether you want to improve communication, boost morale, or simply have fun, we've got you covered.

Our Teambuilding activities are not just for corporate settings; they're also perfect for Group Activities involving kids or adults. From corporate-centric challenges to creative workshops, we offer a range of activities that not only foster teamwork but also contribute to personal development.

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