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Animal Yoga

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   Helps alleviate stress and improve mental wellbeing

   Previous clients include Google, Facebook, Nike, Intel, Gordon Ramsey, and many more

   Ideal for mental wellness events that include animal-assisted serenity

   Available to book worldwide, based in Oregon

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Discover an extraordinary fusion of tranquility and joy with our animal yoga sessions, a unique event entertainment offering designed to elevate any gathering to a memorable zenith. Imagine the serenity of yoga harmonizing with the delight of animal companionship; this is what our specialized sessions deliver—creating an ambiance that resonates with wellness and happiness.

When you search for "animal yoga near me," you are seeking more than just an ordinary yoga class; you're pursuing an exceptional experience that merges the calming practice of yoga with the therapeutic presence of animals. Our sessions cater to every participant, irrespective of their experience with yoga—ensuring that every attendee feels reinvigorated, content, and equipped with delightful anecdotes to share.

This remarkable event entertainment is tailored to enhance your corporate events, private parties, and special occasions. Expanding on the concept of yoga with animals, we carefully curate experiences that not only provide relaxation but also foster an environment of client satisfaction and communal joy.

Our animal yoga services are the pinnacle of unforgettable experiences. Picture this: gentle stretches, deep breaths, and a peaceful state of mind, all while being surrounded by friendly animals that naturally elevate the mood of the room. It's a wellness adventure that attendees will cherish, talk about, and long to revisit.

Altus Entertainment is committed to delivering quality, innovation, and, most importantly, an experience that resonates with your guests long after the event concludes. When the aim is to create a standout event that epitomizes happiness and relaxation, our animal-assisted yoga group is your premier choice. Connect with your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment today to bring this unparalleled experience to your next event.

  • Google
  • Gordon Ramsey
  • Meritage Resort
  • The Fairmont Resorts
  • Intel
  • Nike
  • Facebook
  • SF Giants
  • Jerry Rice
  • Cisco