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Corporate Team Building With Dance and Music!

Embrace corporate team building with dance for a unique bonding experience. Combine dance with musical team building activities to foster creativity, collaboration, and a deeper connection among team members. Experience the magic of rhythm, movement, and music in enhancing team spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of dance styles, from high-energy salsa to graceful contemporary pieces, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.

Absolutely! We can customize the sessions to align with your company's objectives or any specific themes you have in mind.

Yes, it's quite common. Many participants come with little to no dance experience, and by the end of the session, they often find themselves enjoying the activity and feeling more connected with their teammates.

Dance is a powerful tool for team-building because it fosters collaboration, communication, and trust among participants. Incorporating dance into team-building can lead to a more harmonious, collaborative, and motivated team, ready to tackle challenges with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Acts List

A group of people participating in a interactive entertainment activity using chopsticks. | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Drum Workshop
Enhances event with lively energy boost ,Transforms competition into team-building ,Custom branded drumsticks with your logo ,Audience keeps the drumsticks as mementos
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Team Building Sound Circles | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Sound Circles
Unique experience for team building and bonding ,Enhances relaxation, creativity and focus,Group experiences a theta state by creating sound frequencies ,Participants can choose from drums, flutes, singing bowls, shakers, and other percussion instruments,Customizable session for your groups needs led by a licensed sound therapist
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Group of party-goers posing for a photo at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Musical Team Building
Tailored sessions for varying group sizes and time formats (up to 400 participants),Developed and proven musical improvisation technique with a global track record,An engaging facilitator with expertise in nurturing creativity and confidence,Fosters collaboration, communication, and unity through group musical creation,Encourages personal growth and team cohesion in a fun, immersive environment
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A man is performing live music on a piano in front of a crowd. | Altus Entertainment
High-Energy Dueling Pianos
Repertoire of over thousands of songs to keep the partying rocking all night long ,Performs for over 70+ venues across the USA every year, with over 600 public and private shows under their belts ,Past clients include Pres. George Bush, Robert DeNiro, and Price Waterhouse Cooper ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York
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Ensemble of dancers performing live on stage at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Professional Event Dancers
Versatile dancers trained in various styles,Enhances events with dynamic performances,Perfect fit for corporate functions,Customizable performances to match event themes,Dancers are a great ice breaker and talking point for guests
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Tango and Salsa Team-Building Experience | Altus Entertainment
Tango and Salsa Team-Building Experience
Promotes teamwork and strong relationships within the group,1st place winners at the World Salsa Championship in Puerto Rico,Their style is firmly grounded in authentic tango learned in Buenos Aires, Argentina,Custom event packages available,Classes tailored to each individual's skill level
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The Singapore Street Dance Crew | Altus Entertainment
Singapore Street Dance Crew
Enhance teamwork with collaborative dance activities,Engaging all ages with urban beats,Unique team-building dance programs,Customized, theme-aligned dance shows
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Two male performers skillfully playing piano on stage at a live entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic Dueling Pianos
Electrifying interactive piano entertainment,Perfect pitch for weddings and corporates,Tailored lineup of hit dueling songs,All-inclusive, hassle-free entertainment pack,Nationwide acclaimed dueling acts,Can include a drummer, and a full band
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Music and dance team building with Altus Entertainment!

In the corporate world, finding innovative ways to foster team spirit and collaboration is paramount. Enter corporate team building with dance, a unique approach that combines rhythm, movement, and teamwork to create unforgettable bonding experiences.

Dance, a universal language, has the power to break barriers and bring individuals together. By integrating dance into your team-building sessions, you offer a refreshing break from the usual and an opportunity for your team to communicate, collaborate, and connect on a deeper level. Whether it's a high-energy salsa routine or a graceful contemporary piece, dance allows team members to express themselves, learn from one another, and work together towards a common goal.

But why stop at dance? Incorporate musical team building activities to add another layer of engagement. Let your team dive into the world of melodies and rhythms, creating music that resonates with their collective spirit. Team building with music allows members to showcase their musical talents, collaborate on compositions, and learn the intricacies of various instruments.

The fusion of music and dance team building activities ensures a holistic experience. As teams create their dance routines or musical pieces, they hone essential skills such as leadership, adaptability, and creativity. The result? A more cohesive, harmonious, and motivated team ready to take on corporate challenges with renewed vigor.