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Female performer skillfully wielding twin knives before a vibrant red curtain on stage | Altus Entertainment

Team Building Activities for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers a diverse range of Evening Team Building Activities, ideal for corporate teams seeking enjoyable and engaging experiences post-meetings. With activities like wine tastings, gourmet cooking classes, cultural tours, and interactive games, we provide opportunities for relaxation, bonding, and fun, enhancing team dynamics and creating memorable experiences.

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Female performer skillfully wielding twin knives before a vibrant red curtain on stage | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Magic Shows
Team building game shows fully customized to the event,Unique Team Building Magic Shows , Promotes collaboration and communication ,Engaging trade show brand-building,Immersive close-up magic experiences,Mentalism that bridges mind and miracle
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Music Keynotes Speakers
Leading live music motivational speakers,Award-winning team building experiences,Use the power of music to connect teams,A rich history of helping organizations strengthen connections,Best music industry speakers to hire
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Team Building Sound Circles | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Sound Circles
Unique experience for team building and bonding ,Enhances relaxation, creativity and focus,Group experiences a theta state by creating sound frequencies ,Participants can choose from drums, flutes, singing bowls, shakers, and other percussion instruments,Customizable session for your groups needs led by a licensed sound therapist
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Musical Team Building
Tailored sessions for varying group sizes and time formats (up to 400 participants),Developed and proven musical improvisation technique with a global track record,An engaging facilitator with expertise in nurturing creativity and confidence,Fosters collaboration, communication, and unity through group musical creation,Encourages personal growth and team cohesion in a fun, immersive environment
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Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker
Expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion,Creates a psychologically safe environment for daring conversations,Delivers a dynamic and inspiring presentation that leaves a lasting impact,Actionable insights on addressing systemic and interpersonal biases,Empowers employees to become effective allies
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women's empowerment keynote speaker for hire | Altus Entertainment
Keynote Speaker On Women Empowerment in the Workplace
Championing corporate gender equality,Tailored strategies for women's advancement,Empowers women to lead and succeed,Transforming events into empowerment milestones,Advocating for inclusive workplace cultures
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Professional Comedy Hypnotist
Quickly and easily builds rapport with the audience. ,Imaginative skits,Seamless blend of hypnosis and comedy,Tailored for diverse events and audiences,Entertainment that delivers the "WOW factor"
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Three LED Poi dancers sit at a table in a restaurant. | Altus Entertainment
Immersive Murder Mystery Experience
Customizable murder mystery party themes,Top-class actors and interactive plots,Perfect for team-building and ice-breaking,Unique settings for each event,Rent a murder mystery event entertainer
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Performers engaging in a video call discussion for an entertainment company event | Altus Entertainment
Online Murder Mystery Party
Affordable Zoom murder mystery party on your device,Professional actors create immersive play,Guests turn investigators, question actors, solve murder online,Ideal for CSI fans, remote teams' problem-solving on Zoom,Customizable themes for any era,Perfect for team-building and social events
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Evening Team-Building Activities

After a day filled with meetings and presentations, Altus Entertainment offers the ideal way to unwind and connect with our evening team building activities. These activities are not just a way to relax; they're an opportunity to strengthen team bonds and create lasting memories. Whether you're looking for team building activities near you or planning a corporate retreat, our diverse offerings cater to all tastes and preferences.

For the gourmets and wine aficionados, we offer wine tastings and gourmet cooking classes. These hands-on experiences are perfect for teams to collaborate and enjoy the fruits of their labor, whether it's crafting a delicious meal together or exploring the nuances of fine wines. Such activities not only provide relaxation but also foster teamwork in a fun and interactive environment.

For teams interested in culture and history, our nighttime tours of cultural landmarks offer a unique way to explore and learn together. These tours are both educational and entertaining, providing a serene backdrop for team members to connect outside the confines of the office.

When it comes to keeping the energy high, we have a plethora of options. Create the ultimate custom karaoke bar for a night of singing and laughter, or engage your team in learning how to mix unique custom cocktails. For a nostalgic twist, we offer oversized versions of favorite childhood games, fostering friendly competition and teamwork.

For those who love a good mystery, participating in a murder mystery event can be thrilling and engaging, offering a dynamic team-building experience. These activities are not just entertaining; they provide valuable team building training, enhancing communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in an enjoyable setting.

In summary, Altus Entertainment's Evening Team Building Activities are the perfect blend of fun, relaxation, and team building. From culinary adventures to cultural explorations and engaging games, our activities are designed to provide an entertaining and meaningful end to your corporate day. Book with us and give your team an evening they'll remember fondly and talk about long after the event.