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Professional Comedy Hypnotist

booking highlights

   Quickly and easily builds rapport with the audience.

   Imaginative skits

   Seamless blend of hypnosis and comedy

   Tailored for diverse events and audiences

   Entertainment that delivers the "WOW factor"

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Prepare for an evening where imagination meets hilarity with our professional comedy hypnotist, the entertainer who masterfully blends the marvel of hypnosis with the sheer delight of clean comedy. As you look to hire a hypnotist comedian, anticipate a high-energy performance that will not just entertain but thoroughly mesmerize your guests.

Ideal for any kind of celebration, from the corporate arena to private festivities, and even academic events, our Fun Hypnotist offers a spectacle that is as unique as it is engaging. They possess the rare ability to ensure that every participant on stage feels at ease while delivering an experience brimming with fun, leaving every audience member with memories that will be the highlight of conversations long after the curtains close.

Our stage hypnotist is not just a performer; they are an experience creator, renowned for their catchy mantra, "You may have a whole seat...but you'll only use the edge." This promise is fulfilled time and again as they masterfully keep your guests perched on the edge of their seats, enveloped in laughter and wonder from start to finish.

For the best hypnotist comedy show that delivers the WOW factor with every act, look no further. Hire hypnotist comedian now and treat your guests to an extraordinary journey through the power of suggestion, where laughter and amazement are guaranteed in equal measure.

  • K-Days Exhibition
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • McDonalds
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Princess Cruise
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Barcelo Mexico
  • University of British Columbia

With the retirement of the long-time hypnotist and friend of K-days, we were challenged to find a new hypnotist to perform. Fortunately, we discovered this professional, and his amazing show. He was entertaining, funny, and loved by guests of all ages. His show continually drew large crowds and was one of the hits of the fair. Further, he was a consummate professional and it was our pleasure to work with him. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Peter Jelinski- Manager, Event Development K-days – Edmonton Exhibition

This was the first time I have ever seen anything like this in person. Of course, at first, I was skeptical but after watching him hypnotize about 12 of my co-workers and have them do the funniest things possible, I am now a believer!! We will definitely book him again!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! If you want to laugh till your stomach hurts he is the guy you want at your party! YouTube does not do justice to the show he puts on!Kyle Abreu J C Paving Ltd Corporate Event

Kyle Abreu

Mumbai India: Black & White Unbelong once again stepped into the unknown to explore an ‘imaginary’ world. Mumbai experienced a new state of consciousness with him, a renowned professional comedic hypnotist who not only left the crowd enthused for more cerebral adventure but also left them exhilarated after an evening of entertainment.

Namrta Malik