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Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker

booking highlights

   Expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion

   Creates a psychologically safe environment for daring conversations

   Delivers a dynamic and inspiring presentation that leaves a lasting impact

   Actionable insights on addressing systemic and interpersonal biases

   Empowers employees to become effective allies

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Discover the transformative power of allyship with this dynamic and inspiring speaker who will guide your organization on the path to a more inclusive and supportive workplace. As an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion, The Allyship Catalyst offers actionable strategies and insights to help your employees become effective allies for colleagues with marginalized identities.

Through their timely and engaging keynote, your team will learn to identify systemic and interpersonal biases and address them head-on. Whether your organization is focused on specific employee groups or seeks broader allyship practices, The Allyship Catalyst can tailor their message to your unique needs.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of key terminology and concepts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. They'll also develop the language and confidence to champion solutions that foster equity and inclusion for all.

Don't miss this opportunity to create a psychologically safe environment for your employees to engage in daring conversations about race, class, gender, and more. She offers various formats, including audience Q+A, book signing, interactive workshops, and ongoing coaching and training. Book this dynamic and inspiring speaker for your private or corporate event through our entertainment agency today!


  • Las Vegas
  • MGM Resorts International
  • Downtown Project
  • ken's
  • Boral
  • AFWERX Vegas
  • Aristocrat
  • Inbound


It’s not often I am moved beyond words... but you did it today. Thank you for kicking off the Career Services Conference with your keynote! You are certainly a master of your craft!

ROBERT SHINDELL, PH.D. President & CEO, Intern Bridge, Inc.

She was an excellent choice of speaker for my eWomenNetwork chapter. Members told me she was the most interesting presenter they’d heard!

ANNIE GONNI Managing Director, eWomen Reno

Everything about her style knocked my socks off, but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each woman exactly where she is and move her toward achieving her goals.

LYNN BARBOZA HR Manager, City of Las Vegas

Your presentation was a sweeping success! Our franchisees raved about you and felt the material was highly relevant to their businesses. We are so grateful for having your talents.

GENA SEGNO Director, Gymboree Play & Music Corp

Everything about her facilitation style knocked my socks off, but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each person exactly where she is and gently move her toward achieving her goals. Companies who participate in her programs will gain employees who are better speakers, better coaches, better negotiators, and better leaders – able to grow the potential of others in their organization.”


“With her help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational. I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference.”


“She is a master at bringing together an incredible group, pulling out their best, and helping them shape their speaking style. I was floored at the transformation she facilitated in one weekend and highly recommend her work.”