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Digital Artist for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers an innovative digital artwork experience for any event, featuring talented digital artists who create live caricatures, paintings, and customized art. Perfect for engaging diverse audiences, our artists can incorporate brand elements into their work, providing guests with personalized and instant digital keepsakes, making your event not only memorable but also a showcase of modern creativity and interactive entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our digital artists can create a wide range of digital art, including caricatures, paintings, fashion art, fantasy art, cartoon creations, and more, depending on your event's preferences.

Guests can typically receive their digital artwork digitally, such as through email or a dedicated event app. Most artwork is shareable on social media platforms, allowing guests to instantly showcase their creations.

Absolutely. Our digital artists can customize their artwork to include event branding, company logos, or specific event themes, enhancing brand recognition and personalization.

Yes, Altus Entertainment can arrange multiple digital artists for large-scale events, and group or bulk booking options may be available, depending on the event's size and requirements.

Acts List

Caricature illustration of a man enjoying beach vacation with cruise ship backdrop | Altus Entertainment
LA Digital Caricatures
Instantly shareable digital caricatures,Live caricature entertainment,Swift, skilled, and professional artist,Personalized party mementos,Engaging experience for all ages
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A group of people interacting with an interactive graffiti wall. | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Graffiti Wall
No-mess, high-tech graffiti artistry,IR spray cans for realistic experience,Unique event photo entertainment,Instant prints and social sharing
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Mosaic Art Photo Booth | Altus Entertainment
Mosaic Art Photo Booth
Every photo contributes to a grand mosaic,Interactive fun with immediate social sharing,Customizable artwork souvenir,On-site hosts for seamless experience
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Close-up image of a woman's face artistically painted with a vibrant beach scene for entertainment purposes | Altus Entertainment
Caricatures and Face Painter
A versatile entertainment duo offering both traditional and digital caricatures,Quality face painting services to dazzle and delight guests,An interactive iPad Photo Booth complete with props and backdrop for memorable keepsakes,Professional experience with top-tier clients ensuring reliability and exceptional service,A wide selection of games and additional entertainment options to enhance the event atmosphere
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Bearded male performer with sunglasses sitting next to a vibrant caricature of himself at Spiceworld event, holding an identification badge and adorned with a plush spider toy on his shoulder. | Altus Entertainment
Modern Live Digital Caricatures
Over 20 years of art and caricature,Live digital caricature entertainment,Tailored for any event or theme,Instant digital keepsakes for guests,Traditional and 3-D caricature options
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Charismatic Caricaturist | Altus Entertainment
Charismatic Caricaturist
Creates either hand-drawn or digital caricatures, depending on the needs of the event,Can provide a large screen to watch the drawing form further away,Guests receive a personalized caricature as a souvenir,Family friendly entertainment,Caricatures can be quickly emailed to guests
View More
Performer showcasing his artistic skills with a drawn image of a beard | Altus Entertainment
Digital Event Caricaturist
Live digital caricatures on a grand scale,Modern twist on classic caricature art,Quick, vibrant digital portraits as keepsakes,Seamless setup for indoor/outdoor events,Memorable entertainment meets tech novelty
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A caricature of a woman with curly hair and the word deloitte. | Altus Entertainment
Digital Caricatures Artist
Trained in digital entertainment art with years of caricature experience,Innovative live digital art experience,High-profile client portfolio: Microsoft, AMC, Nike, and IBM,Interactive entertainment for any event,Instant keepsakes with a digital flair
View More
A dapper man and elegant woman in tuxedos, posing before an exquisite painting at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
AI Photo Booth
Revolutionary AI Photo Booth experience,Interactive and immersive experience,Leading-edge photo booth technology,Futuristic fun for any event,On-site photo printing and digital sharing,Instant, unique picture creations
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Digital Media Artists for Events and Parties

Step into the future of entertainment with Altus Entertainment's digital artwork experience. When you opt for a digital artist for hire at your event, you're not just adding a creative element; you're offering your guests an innovative and interactive art experience. Our talented digital artists work live, captivating your audience as they create personalized digital caricatures, paintings, and more, all while your event unfolds.

Imagine the excitement as guests watch their likenesses come to life in digital caricatures, which they can instantly receive on their phones or share on social media. But our artists don't just stop at caricatures; they can also create digital paintings in real-time, offering every guest a unique digital keepsake of the event. This feature is perfect for making your event memorable and for giving your guests a personalized memento that they can treasure long after the party ends.

Our digital artists are not limited to one style; they are versatile and can adapt to your event's needs. Whether you're interested in digital fashion artwork, fantasy art, or cartoon creations, our artists have the skills to bring your vision to life. Their ability to create diverse digital art forms makes them the perfect entertainment choice for any audience, from corporate staff and conference attendees to families with children.

One of the unique aspects of hiring our digital artists is their ability to incorporate your brand, company logo, or event theme into their artwork. This customization adds a personal touch to each piece and enhances brand recognition, making it an ideal choice for corporate events, product launches, and promotional activities.

Digital photography artwork is another dimension that our artists and photographers excel in. They can capture your event's special moments and transform them into stunning digital artworks, adding an artistic flair to your event photography. This fusion of art and photography creates a distinctive and memorable experience for your guests.

When you hire a digital media artist from Altus Entertainment, you're choosing cutting-edge entertainment that blends creativity with technology. Our famous digital artists use the latest digital tools and techniques to create high-quality art that is both innovative and captivating

In conclusion, choosing digital artwork entertainment for your event means you're providing your guests with a unique and engaging experience. It's not just about the art; it's about the interactive process and the lasting impact it leaves. Contact Altus Entertainment today to hire a digital artist and transform your event into a dynamic and memorable art experience.